5 Clues Each to See if Your Tarot Deck Likes or Dislikes you

5 Clues Each to See if Your Tarot Deck Likes or Dislikes you

My Tarot Deck Likes me & My Tarot Deck Does Not like me | 5 Clues Each

Tarot Cards have been used throughout history to help you discover yourself and grow. They are a unique approach to getting a better understanding of your life as well as the environment around you. They provide directions and guidance when you require the most. Many people are enticed into their tarot-based practice until it becomes a fundamental element of their daily routine. In this article, we’ll look at the five clues each to determine whether your tarot card like you or not.

My Tarot Deck Likes me

The interaction with the readers and the deck is as crucial as the readings. People can ensure that they’re working with the tarot deck by paying attention to the clues. Let us examine the positive clues.

Clue 1: You spend a lot of time reading and studying Tarot

One of the most apparent indications that you’re deep in your tarot training is the time you devote to studying and studying the cards. For example, suppose you’re reading books on Tarot, taking online courses, or taking classes in person. In that case, you’re spending a lot of time studying and mastering the Tarot.

Clue 2: You use Tarot as a daily practice

Another indicator that you’re engaged in your tarot-based practice is using it as an everyday routine. It doesn’t matter if you draw cards daily to establish the tone for your day or create an entire spread every night to reflect on the previous day’s events. The Tarot should be an integral part of your routine.

Clue 3: You Own an Extensive Collection of Tarot Decks

Many enthusiasts of Tarot have an extensive collection of decks for Tarot, and it’s not unusual for people to own many decks at their fingertips. It indicates that you’re deeply involved in your tarot-based practice and are constantly exploring new ways to learn about the decks.

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Clue 4: You have an enviable connection with the Tarot Community

Another indicator that you’re deeply involved in your tarot-based practice is your intense connection to the tarot world. You may be active in online forums, go to meetings for Tarot or have a circle of tarot-loving buddies and family. You’re in the company of those who share your love for the cards.

Clue 5: You use Tarot to help others

Another sign you’re engaged in your tarot-based practice is using the cards to aid others. For example, suppose you’re providing readings for family members and friends or serving as a tarot-reading expert at gatherings for the community. In that case, you are making use of your tarot abilities to have a positive effect on the lives of other people.

My Tarot Deck Does Not Like me

A tarot card deck that doesn’t connect with the person reading it may provide inaccurate or harmful readings. In addition, it makes it challenging for the person reading to get an understanding and guidance through the deck. Here, we’ll look at five clues that indicate that your tarot deck doesn’t like you.

Clue 1: The Cards seem to be refusing to come Out

The most evident sign that your tarot deck isn’t in tune with you is when the cards refuse to leave the deck. That may happen while you move the deck around or decide on a particular card to get the purpose of reading. The cards might seem stiff or hard to move, which makes it challenging to obtain precise readings. It indicates that the card is not at ease with you and might not give you the direction you want.

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Clue 2: The Cards seem to provide confusing or negative readings

Another indication that your tarot deck doesn’t like you is when the cards give inaccurate or even negative predictions. It could be because the cards need to be aligned with the reader, making it difficult to grasp the message being sent. The cards can also offer negative readings when they are not at ease with the user and don’t wish to provide them with direction. That can be a problem for the person reading them since they might need to gain the knowledge and direction they want through the readings.

Clue 3: The Cards Seem To Replay the same messages.

Suppose the same messages or cards repeatedly appear during the readings you make. In that case, this could be a sign that the reader needs help understanding the message or the card aren’t at ease with the reader. Suppose the same messages or cards repeat. It is a sign that the reader must take an extra step and review their knowledge of their cards and their connection to them. That could mean that the cards don’t wish to interact with the player and that it’s time to search for a new deck.

Clue 4: The Cards Look to be Stuck

Another indication that your tarot deck is unhappy with it is if the cards appear stuck together or don’t want to be separated. It could happen because the reader needs help to read the cards and they are unwilling to offer guidance. On the other hand, that could also mean that the cards aren’t in tune with the reader and that they should find an alternative deck that is compatible with them better.

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Clue 5: The reader Finds it uncomfortable or Uninspiring

Suppose the user experiences a lack of confidence or discomfort while working with decks. In that case, that indicates that the cards are not a good match for the reader. Or the reader needs to prepare to engage with the cards. Tarot decks are an excellent tool for gaining wisdom and insight. However, it is essential to remember that it’s also a tool that needs an energy level and connection to work. Suppose the user feels uneasy or disinterested when playing with the cards. Again, it indicates that they must prepare to engage with them, or the cards do not like working with them.


Tarot cards, in conclusion, provide a unique method to get a better understanding of our lives as well as the world that surrounds us. Suppose you’re a veteran reader of Tarot or are just starting. In that case, you must remember that Tarot is a highly effective tool to assist us in navigating the fluctuations and ups of life. If you see yourself in the above clues, chances are that you’re in love with your tarot reading and love it.