Unexpected Pregnancy Tarot | Can the Queen of Swords Represent Pregnancy?

Unexpected pregnancy tarot | Can the Queen of Swords represent Pregnancy?  

Unexpected pregnancy tarot | Can the Queen of Swords represent Pregnancy?

An unexpected pregnancy could be a life-changing experience. Many are drawn to readings from tarot cards to help guide and gain insight during this period. What is the tarot card spread specifically created to help you prepare for an unexpected pregnancy? It could offer valuable insight into the likely outcomes of Pregnancy and any difficulties that might be encountered.

Next, we’ll look at a tarot deck that could be utilized for unplanned Pregnancy. While the Queen of Swords is typically associated with analytical and intellectual thinking, decision-making and communication could also be used to symbolize Pregnancy. The symbolic nature of the card, as well as its traditional meanings, could relate to the emotional and physical aspects of Pregnancy. Personal experiences and stories support this interpretation.

Unexpected pregnancy tarot

The tarot reading for Pregnancy is helpful for future mothers seeking guidance and direction. The cards of tarot that can predict Pregnancy, like The Empress, The High Priestess, The Three of Cups, and The Nine of Cups, can provide helpful information on the likely outcomes during Pregnancy. But, it is crucial to note that tarot readings do not serve as an instrument for prediction, and the outcome is the sole decision of the individual.

The birth of a child is a life-changing experience that brings excitement and anxiety. As a result, many expecting mothers are drawn to tarot to understand the likely result for their baby. So what are the tarot cards which are predictive of the Pregnancy of a woman? What is the best way to interpret their meaning of them?

Does the Queen of Swords represent Pregnancy?

The Queen of Swords is one of the 78 tarot cards in the traditional tarot deck. It’s an element of minor arcana and represents the air element. The card is often associated with analytical and intellectual thinking, decision-making, and communication.

Many tarot readers have discussed whether Queens of Swords may signify the concept of Pregnancy. 

The Queen’s Traditional Meaning from the Interpretation of Swords

The Queen of Swords card depicts a queen seated on a throne with a sword on her right. The card image symbolizes the Queen’s intellect and analytical character. The sword symbolizes the ability to cut through illusions and to see things.

In tarot spreads, The Queen of Swords could represent women in positions that are a source of power, for instance, a judge or law. However, it also represents an individual who is rational, objective, and capable of making difficult decisions.

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Other tarot cards with similar themes to the Queen of Swords include the King of Swords and the Knight of Swords. The King of Swords is older and wise, and the Knight of Swords symbolizes a young, driven person.

Queen of Swords and Pregnancy

Confident tarot readers believe the Queen of Swords could symbolize pregnancy due to its connection to beginnings and the ability to make difficult choices. The time of Pregnancy can be one of the most significant changes and decisions for a woman. She must navigate the emotional and physical aspects of bringing a new life to the world.

The traditional meanings of “the Queen of Swords ” could be applied to Pregnancy. The Queen’s analytical and intellectual nature could reflect the expecting mother’s need for research and make informed choices regarding her Pregnancy and birth. In addition, the sword symbolizes the power to eliminate any confusion or doubt in this period of uncertainty.

Anecdotes from personal experiences and other examples may be shared to further aid in interpreting the Queen of Swords depicting the Pregnancy. For instance, a woman might have been presented with the Queen of Swords during a reading before determining they were pregnant. In addition, the card may appear in a specific spread about pregnancy.

queen of swords pregnancy

Other Interpretations Possible for the Queen of Swords in connection with Pregnancy

The Queen of Swords card could also symbolize the mother-to-be herself. Her ability to make logical and difficult decisions could reflect the mother’s ability to manage the difficulties of motherhood and Pregnancy.

The card could also be a symbol of the actual Pregnancy in itself. The beginning of a new chapter and the making of decisions may be symbolic of the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the lives of a couple as they get ready to become parents.

The Queen of Swords may also symbolize pregnant women’s emotional journey. The association of the card with communication could reflect the need for honest, transparent communication among new parents and the expectant mother during this time.

Other Tarot cards related to Pregnancy

  • The Ace of Wands – Signifying that you could be carrying the baby boy.
  • The Ace of Cups – Predicting the birth of a girl baby.
  • Ace of Pentacles – The ability to reveal problems likely to arise in your Pregnancy.
  • The Ace of Swords –This means you’re pregnant right currently.
  • The Three of Cups– Predicting the Pregnancy of a woman that will be packed with celebrations.
  • The Six of Cups– The Six of Cups-Representing the children and babies
  • The Nine of Cups – Signifying the fulfillment of your subsequent Pregnancy.
  • The Star – hinting at the baby’s birth or offering a pleasant surprise
  • The Page of Pentacles – It describes motherhood.
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Tarots for fertility and Pregnancy tell us about the likelihood of having children:

  • The Ace of Pentacles + Page of Pentacles A sign of an attractive girl
  • The Ace of Pentacles + Page of Swords The sign of the boy
  • The Wheel of Fortune + Empress – A surprise pregnancy full of happiness
  • The Lovers + Ace of Pentacles – Having an infant with the soulmate.
  • The Sun and the Chariot Birth an unwell baby

The Pregnancy Prediction Cards

A variety of tarot cards are often associated with pregnancy. They include:

  • Empress Card: It symbolizes the mother figure and symbolizes fertility, nurture, and prosperity. When it appears in a pregnancy reading, it may be a sign that a child is coming soon.
  • The Holy Priestess: The card symbolizes the ability to discern and hide. It could signify that a baby isn’t yet evident; however, the mother-to-be is aware that she’s expecting.
  • Three of Cups: Three of Cups: This card is a symbol of joy and celebration. It may signify that a new baby brings joy and happiness to the entire family.
  • It is the Nine of Cups: This card signifies fulfillment and satisfaction. It could suggest that Pregnancy will be a joyous and rewarding experience for the mother-to-be.

How to interpret the cards

When reading the cards, it is crucial to consider the other cards in the deck and the general spread. That is because the meaning of the cards could alter depending on the situation in which they were drawn. It is also crucial to remember that tarot readings are not a prediction tool and shouldn’t be used for making important decisions. Tarot is intended to give guidance and help; however, the outcome is the individual’s decision.

The Spread

The spread of unexpected Pregnancy comprises five cards. Each card represents an individual element of pregnancy and its possible result.

  1. The first card depicts the current mood of the woman about Pregnancy. The card may give insight into what the individual feels about Pregnancy and what their initial reactions could be.
  2. The second card reveals the possible outcomes of Pregnancy. The card may provide insight into whether the Pregnancy can be successful and if the baby is healthy.
  3. The third card symbolizes the potential challenges that might be encountered during Pregnancy. This card could give insight into potential issues or problems that could occur during Pregnancy.
  4. The fourth card represents the help offered to the woman during Pregnancy. This card may provide insight into whether the woman has a supportive partner or family members at this point.
  5. The fifth card symbolizes the possible future of the baby and the mother. This card may offer insight into the long-term result of the Pregnancy and the possible future of the child and the parent.
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It is essential to be aware that readings from tarot aren’t written in stone and must be taken into account according to the reader’s instincts and knowledge of the card. Some commonly used interpretations for the cards of this spread include:

  1. The first card may suggest that the individual feels overwhelmed, scared, or uncertain about Pregnancy.
  2. The second card may suggest that the Pregnancy could be full-term and that the baby is healthy.
  3. The third card may suggest that there could be difficulties or issues during Pregnancy, including health issues or financial problems.
  4. The fourth card may signify that the woman will have a strong spouse, family, and acquaintances during the Pregnancy.
  5. The fifth card could signify that the outcome for the baby will turn out positive and that the mother and child will be blessed with an exciting future.


In the end, an unexpected pregnancy tarot spread could give valuable insight and direction to those experiencing this life-changing experience. It is crucial to remember that the tarot readings aren’t written in stone and should be taken into account according to the reader’s experience and knowledge of their cards. Utilizing this spread and carefully reading the cards, one can better comprehend their situation and make educated decisions regarding their Pregnancy.