Pentacles Time Frame explained in Tarot

Pentacles Time Frame explained in Tarot

Pentacles Time Frame explained in Tarot

Tarot cards are extensively used to aid in the purpose of divination as well as self-discovery. Tarot decks contain 78 cards and are split into four suits: cups, pentacles, and swords and wands. Each suit symbolizes a specific aspect of life and can give insight into various aspects of one’s existence. For this post, we’ll concentrate on the pentacle suit and its significance in tarot divination.

Tarot cards are renowned for self-reflection and divination and have a long tradition and symbolic meaning. Each tarot deck card is associated with an archetype or energy and provides insight into the various areas of life. Let us examine the relationships and timings associated with various Tarot cards and how they can be used for readings.

Major Arcana cards Timing Court cards Minor Arcana cards Zodiac sign
  VI. The Emperor 21 – 30/3   King of Wands 2 of Wands   Aries
31/3 – 10/4 3 of Wands
11 – 20/4 4 of Wands
  XIV. Temperance 21 – 30/4   Queen of Pentacles 5 of Pentacles   Taurus
1 – 10/5 6 of Pentacles
11 – 20/5 7 of Pentacles
  XVII. The Star 21 – 31/5   Knight of Swords 8 of Swords   Gemini
1 – 10/6 9 of Swords
11 – 20/6 10 of Swords
  III. The Empress 21/6 – 1/7   King of Cups 2 of Cups   Cancer
2 – 11/7 3 of Cups
12 – 21/7 4 of Cups
  VIII. Strength 22/7 – 1/8   Queen of Wands 5 of Wands   Leo
2 – 11/8 6 of Wands
12 – 22/8 7 of Wands
  IX. The Hermit 23/8 – 1/9   Knight of Pentacles 8 of Pentacles   Virgo
2 – 11/9 9 of Pentacles
12 – 22/9 10 of Pentacles
  XI. Justice 23/9 – 2/10   King of Swords 2 of Swords   Libra
3 – 12/10 3 of Swords
13 – 22/10 4 of Swords
  XIII. Death 23/10 – 2/11   Queen of Cups 5 of Cups   Scorpio
3 – 12/11 6 of Cups
13 – 22/11 7 of Cups
  VII. The Chariot 23/11 – 2/12   Knight of Wands 8 of Wands   Sagittarius
3 – 12/12 9 of Wands
13 – 21/12 10 of Wands
  XV. The Devil 22 – 30/12   King of Pentacles 2 of Pentacles Capricorn
31/12 – 9/1 3 of Pentacles
10 – 19/1 4 of Pentacles
  V. The Hierophant 20 – 29/1   Queen of Swords 5 of Swords   Aquarius
30/1 – 8/2 6 of Swords
9 – 18/2 7 of Swords
  II. The High Priestess 19 – 28/2   Knight of Cups 8 of Cups   Pisces
1 – 10/3 9 of Cups
11 – 20/3 10 of Cups
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Major Arcana Cards

The Major Arcana cards, called “trump decks,” represent significant events or life lessons. In addition, they often represent the long-term effects or important events in our lives.

For instance, the card of the Tower is a symbol of sudden turmoil and chaos, usually indicating a critical change or crisis. This card may signify a period of turmoil in a person’s life and is typically linked to a specific period that spans months or perhaps years.

However, the World card symbolizes fulfillment and completeness, indicating a moment of accomplishment and achievement. The World card could represent a period from a few months or even a whole year.

Minor Arcana Cards

Minor Arcana cards represent more daily influences and experiences. They often represent smaller periods that include weeks as well as days.

For example, the Six of Cups corresponds to nostalgia and childhood memories, suggesting the time for reflecting and recalling. This card can be helpful to indicate an interval of time of a couple of days or a week.

Five of Swords Five of Swords, on the other hand, symbolize conflict and rivalry, signaling a time of struggle and tension. The card can be a reference to the duration that spans several weeks.

Court Cards

The Court Cards symbolize the people we interact with and the functions they take on. Therefore, they can signify a particular person or even a specific character or energy.

The King of Cups symbolizes a caring and sensitive person or a period of emotional healing and acceptance. The King of Cups card could indicate a couple of weeks or months.

On the contrary, the queen of Swords is an analytical and sharp person or a period that requires critical thinking and decision-making. Therefore, the Queen of Swords card could represent an interval ranging from several weeks to months.

It’s crucial to remember that tarot cards can be open to interpretation and the time frames that go along with them may differ based on the particular reading and the reader’s intuition. But, by knowing the correspondences and time frames of different Tarot cards, we can better understand the messages they provide.

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The Definition of Pentacles

Pentacles, also referred to as disks or coins, symbolize financial stability and wealth. They can signify an individual’s financial situation or the possibility of financial success. When reading Tarot, pentacles appear in various locations, each having significance. For example, suppose a pentacle is seen in the past position. It could be a sign that someone has recently received an unexpected financial gain or experienced an era that was financially stable in the past. On the other hand, if a pentacle is seen in the future, this could mean that someone will have prosperity or stability shortly.

Time Frame of Pentacles

Understanding what happens when within Tarot readings can be difficult; however, there are general guidelines to guide you. The general rule is that pentacles signify an ongoing, gradual development of financial success. They also suggest that an individual will have to put in the effort and be perseverant to reach the financial objectives they have set for themselves.

Utilizing Pentacles for Tarot Reading

When using pentacles for the tarot reading, you must know the other cards within the spread and their relationship with the pentacles. For instance, when a pentacle is featured in a spread with many swords, it could mean someone will need to overcome obstacles to reach their financial targets. However, suppose a pentacle appears in a spread containing lots of cups. In that case, the success of a person’s finances is directly tied to their mental health.

Tarot timing spread

There are many approaches to Tarot reading. Still, when concerns regarding time arise, you’re using Tarot as a tool for predicting the future. It is challenging to make a prediction, and most Tarot readers cannot make such predictions. When it comes to timing, put your faith in your intuition. While doing this, your knowledge of the cards grows more effective. Tarot timing also ranges from simple to complicate. It is possible to look at the card’s number to determine if it’s the result of a particular number that is repeated.

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For instance, if the deck contains more than two or 3 cards with the number “Three,” it’s most likely that it will be three hours, three days, three years, or even three months. (Tarot timing according to the year is comprehensive and usually could be more precise). That is when your intuition and the contextual context of the spread will tell you the time frame that is appropriate for you.

Another sign of the timing is the suit. Again, look to determine if there is a suit that covers the majority of the cards. You can then use the feature of the date/month or one-year cycles of seasonality to assist you in answering questions on time.

Another indicator of timing is the suit. Examining whether a particular suit covers most of the cards is also vital. In the meantime, you can utilize the feature of the date/month or calendars that run for a year to assist you in answering questions regarding time.

  • Swords is the word used to describe spring and morning;
  • Wands means noon and summer;
  • Cups = afternoon and autumn
  • Pentacles = night and winter.

You could also encounter different features. The suits may also give you an idea of how things can go quickly or slowly. Men’s energy from Wands and Swords suits tends to be more powerful than the female energy in Cups and Pentacles suits. Wands are the fastest, while Pentacles are the slowest. Pentacles are the slowest. Additionally, we can utilize the following references:

  • Wands is a reference to the Date
  • The Swords are Week
  • Cups = Month
  • Pentacles equal one year plus.


In the end, pentacles give valuable information about a person’s financial condition, and they are the potential for financial success. They represent longer-term and gradual evidence of success in material terms. It’s crucial to be aware of the other cards within the spread and how they relate to the pentacles to comprehend the scenario better. Remember that reading tarot is an intuitive art, and one of the main things to remember is to trust your sense in interpreting the cards.