What Are Ottoman Covers?

What Are Ottoman Covers?

What Are Ottoman Covers?

Typically used as footstools, ottoman chairs and sofas are pieces of furniture with a soft head and no back. For ottoman chairs, slipcovers are pieces of cloth that cover the furniture to shield it from any harm.

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Size Requirements

What Are Ottoman Covers?

Ottoman covers are a great way to add a touch of style to your home. However, there are many factors to consider when deciding the best one to fit your needs. Some features to look for include material, color, and size.

The first thing to do is measure your ottoman. It should be measured in height, width, and depth. These dimensions will give you an idea of how much fabric you need. You should take some time when measuring as you will need to add seam allowances.

For the most part, you should be able to find a cover that will meet all of your needs. However, depending on the style of your ottoman, you may have to custom-order a piece. On the other hand, a custom piece may be the answer if you want a more traditional look.

The right size will protect your furniture from damage and dirt and help prevent scratches. Most covers are easy to put on and remove. They will also extend the life of your ottoman. As a bonus, they can be machine-washed. This is a great way to keep your ottoman looking its best, especially if you have pets or children.

One of the best parts of getting an ottoman slipcover is that it is a relatively cheap project. You can get a decent quality cover for under a hundred dollars. Adding a slipcover to your seating can give your home a new look. Aside from adding a fresh layer of protection, it also helps to give your room a more personalized touch.

The best way to find the right size for your ottoman is to measure the top to bottom and the deepest side to the deepest side. To find out the cover size you need, you can multiply the two measurements by a few centimeters to ensure that you have enough fabric to do the job. Choosing the right size can ensure that your furniture looks its best for years to come. Then, when you are ready to purchase your new ottoman cover, you can visit a local home improvement store or browse through online catalogs.

Materials Available

Ottoman covers come in many different materials. A good one will be made of durable materials that will hold up to wear and tear. They are also available in various colors and patterns to suit any decor. Buying one is a great way to protect your ottoman from damage and give it a new look.

You must ensure you get the right size when shopping for an ottoman cover. The most common widths are 45, 54, and 60 inches. These will allow for a good hem length and should provide adequate weight for the ottoman. It is a good idea to sketch out the pattern before buying to see how it will fit your ottoman.

Some of the most popular fabrics for ottoman covers are DuPont(TM) and Tyvek(r), a lightweight fabric perfect for outdoor use. This white material makes it the perfect choice for patio furniture.

Another option is a cotton pouf, which can serve as a footrest and a soft extension of your sofa. These can be easily cleaned and are easy to maintain. You can also buy a rattan ottoman for a small coffee table. An ottoman slipcover may be a good investment if you have children or pets.

There are many Ottoman Slipcovers and Chair Covers to choose from. Shop at Home Design Ideas, an online furniture store that offers a wide selection of home goods. Their site includes a curated collection of Ottoman Slipcovers and Chair Covers from popular brands. As with all products sold on their site, these items are guaranteed to be high-quality.

Lastly, ensure you order an Ottoman Slipcover that will fit your furniture. Ottoman covers are designed to fit several standard ottoman sizes and styles and are designed to be a snug fit. With a decent ottoman slipcover, you’ll have a stylish and comfortable footrest for years to come. So whether you need a simple and affordable solution or want to spruce up your home with a luxurious piece of furniture, Ottoman Slipcovers are a great way to do so.

Cleaning Instructions

If you have an ottoman, you might wonder how to clean it. There are many methods for cleaning an ottoman, but the best way to do it is to follow a few simple tips.

First, you will need to know the material your ottoman is made of. It could be leather, cotton, or any other material. Next, follow the manufacturer’s care tag for specific instructions. Usually, the care tag will provide information about the material and the type of cleaner you should use.

Next, you must remove any dust and dirt stuck to your ottoman. This can be done by brushing with a cloth. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to reach all of the crevices and cracks of your ottoman.

Once you’ve reached these areas, you must apply a cleaning solution. The cleaning solution should be safe for your ottoman’s fabric. Set-test it first to ensure it won’t leave spots or discolorations.

Generally, a mild dish detergent and warm water can do the trick. However, if you’re worried about the cleaning solution leaving a stain, use a dry towel to soak up the excess liquid.

Cleaning an ottoman is an important part of maintaining your accent furniture. Following the right procedures can help keep your ottoman looking like new for years. While some ottomans are designed to be easily cleaned, others require a little more care.

You will also want to follow the manufacturer’s directions for using special tools. For example, some ottomans may have a special attachment that you can use on all sides of the ottoman.

You can also purchase a steam cleaner. Steam cleaning is similar to ironing clothes but requires a properly ventilated room. An advantage of using a steam cleaner is that it will eliminate stains and foul odors.

After you’ve finished, you should let the ottoman dry thoroughly. If you need to store it, consider purchasing an antibacterial spray to prevent the storage compartment from becoming a home for germs.


How do I make a simple ottoman slipcover?

To cover the ottoman’s four sides, cut a cloth piece long and wide enough. If required, stitch the fragments once more to form a single, lengthy piece. To create a ring or circle of cloth that properly fits the ottoman, wrap the fabric around it from the inside out and pin the seam.

What type of fabric is best for slipcovers?

To cover the ottoman’s four sides, cut a cloth piece long and wide enough. If required, stitch the fragments once more to form a single, lengthy piece. To create a ring or circle of cloth that properly fits the ottoman, wrap the fabric around it from the inside out and pin the seam.

What kind of tray do you put on a round ottoman?

If your ottoman is rectangular, seek for a rectangular tray; if it’s round or oval, consider a large, circular tray for an ottoman. The ideal ottoman tray for your living room should mimic the ottoman’s form.

What shape tray should you put on a round ottoman?

Purchase a round ottoman, etc. Buy one large tray or a number of smaller trays that can be stacked together to appear larger (helpful if you want a smaller tray for drinking cups or other items and something that can stay in place with accessories on it).

How much fabric do I need to cover a round ottoman?

the top’s circumference from front to rear. To get the length of cloth you’ll need, multiply by 1 inch for seam allowances. To ensure that you have enough fabric for the top and bottom of the cushion as well as the top of the ottoman, double this quantity by 3 if your ottoman has a top cushion.