Muggsy Bogues Shoe Size

Muggsy Bogues Shoe Size

Muggsy Bogues Shoe Size

The shortest NBA player (at 5′ 6″) and an 8 1/2 shoe size is Muggsy Bogues. Born on January 9, 1965, Tyrone Curtis “Muggsy” Bogues is a former basketball player from the United States. The National Basketball Association’s all-time shortest player, 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m) Bogues, played point guard for four different clubs during the course of his 14-season career. He also played for the Washington Bullets, Golden State Warriors, and Toronto Raptors but is most remembered for his ten seasons with the Charlotte Hornets. He was the head coach of the now-defunct WNBA Charlotte Sting after his NBA career.

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During his career, Muggsy Bogues has played for multiple NBA teams. He has also been a coach. He has a net worth of $14 million.

He is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He was born on January 9, 1965. His parents are Richard and Elaine Bogues. He is the youngest of their two children. He started playing basketball as a young child. His father was sent to prison, and his mother raised him.

In high school, Muggsy was a member of the school’s basketball team. He earned a scholarship to Wake Forest University. After graduating, he was named to the school’s all-time assist list with 579 assists. He was also named to the all-conference team. He led the ACC in assists and steals in 1987.

In 1997, he was traded to the Golden State Warriors. He then played for two seasons with the Warriors. After the 1997-98 season, he was traded to the New York Knicks. He was placed on waivers by the Dallas Mavericks. He later signed a multi-year contract with the Toronto Raptors. He led them to their first playoff series during his time with the Raptors. He also played for the Washington Wizards.

Muggsy Bogues has a net worth of $14 million. He also has a wife, Kim. They have two daughters. In addition to basketball, he also works in real estate. He is a partner with Underwood Specialty Advertising and Always Believe Inc. This company focuses on building character and student athletics. He is also a radio announcer for the Charlotte Bobcats. He has also appeared in various movies.

Muggsy Bogues’ high school team was one of the greatest in history. He led the team to an 84-59 win over a powerhouse team. He was also honored with the retirement of his jersey number.


During his time in the NBA, Muggsy Bogues was one of the shortest players in history. He stands just over 5’3″ tall, which makes him over one foot shorter than most NBA players.

Muggsy’s height was a little short by today’s standards, but it was enough to make him a champion and a leader in his NBA career. After playing for the Charlotte Hornets for ten seasons, Muggsy announced his retirement at age 36. He had been one of the best ball passers in the league and had the shortest vertical jump of any NBA player.

During his time in the NBA, Muggsy made millions of dollars. He had endorsement contracts with several companies and earned $1 million per year in the 1980s. He was known for his speed, ball handling abilities, and ability to steal the ball from opponents. In fact, Muggsy was dubbed the face of the Charlotte Hornets. He also coached the Charlotte Sting women’s basketball team.

He also had the best assist-to-turnover ratio of any player in his league. He was also one of the best ball passers of all time.

Muggsy Bogues was also one of the best players to come out of the 1980s, as he helped the Charlotte Hornets to the playoffs in 1995. He was also the shortest player to win a basketball championship. He was also the shortest player to lead the team in assists (5.1), steals (1.6), and points (5.0).

Muggsy Bogues is a Hall of Famer and has been inducted into the class of 2020. He also has a purple tie and a purple checkered suit. In the 1980s, Muggsy made $1 million per year playing for the Charlotte Hornets.

Net WorthMuggsy Bogues Shoe Size

Among the most recognizable players in the National Basketball Association (NBA), Muggsy Bogues has achieved great success. He has appeared in a number of television series and movies and is also famous for his basketball skills.

Muggsy Bougues started his professional basketball career in 1987. He was selected as the 12th overall pick by the Washington Bullets in the 1987 NBA Draft. He played for several different teams throughout his career, including the Toronto Raptors, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Golden State Warriors.

Muggsy Bogues made more than $18 million during his professional basketball career. He was a member of five different teams, including the Washington Bullets, the Dallas Mavericks, the Golden State Warriors, the Charlotte Hornets, and the Toronto Raptors. He is one of the shortest players in NBA history. He also had 146 double-doubles during his career.

Muggsy Bogues has been married to Kim Bogues since 1987. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland. However, his exact date of birth and age is not known.

Muggsy Bougues has starred in several movies and television shows and is also a professional basketball coach. He was the head coach of the Charlotte Sting WNBA team from 2007 until 2011 and is now the United Faith Christianity Academy head coach. He also has his own company, Always Believe, Inc., which has helped over one thousand kids in Charlotte.

Muggsy is active on social media, with 37 k followers on Twitter. He has also been featured in the Royal Pains season seven premiere. He also appeared in an episode of Hang Time. In addition, he has spoken out against steroids.


Probably the most absurd career in sports history. If you are a fan of basketball, you have probably heard about the career of Muggsy Bogues. He was the shortest player in the NBA. He was 5’3″ and weighed just 140 pounds when he entered the league.

Muggsy Bogues is credited with helping small players compete in the NBA. He played in the NBA for 14 years. He played for four teams. His stats are impressive. He is credited with having the highest assist-to-turnover ratio of all time. He averaged 10.1 assists per game. His steal percentage was 40th on the all-time list. He also shot 82% from the free-throw line. He finished his career with 39 blocks.

One of the most impressive parts of his career was his speed. He was able to outrun most 7’0″ defenders on the court. He also played with a heart of a player twice his size. As a result, he averaged double digits in PPG for three straight years.

Muggsy Bogues is the all-time leader in assists for the Charlotte Hornets. He also led the team in steals for three straight years.

He also led the team in field goals made. Muggsy was a major pest on the court. He was a huge threat on defense and in the half-court. He was also a good rebounder. He also averaged 7.7 points per game. This was a fairly good stat for a player his size. He never averaged more than nine shots per game.

Muggsy is one of the unique NBA players ever. He defied the odds of his genes, height, and his career. His career will probably never be repeated. He is also one of the most marketable stars of the 1990s. He has appeared in many movies and television shows. He is also the author of a book.

Awards and honors

Throughout his fourteen-year career in the NBA, Muggsy Bogues produced a very high level of play. He also received numerous awards and honors.

Muggsy is best known for his ten seasons with the Charlotte Hornets. He was the team’s point guard. He played with Larry Johnson and Alonzo Mourning. In 1995, he led the Hornets to the playoffs. He also played for the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors. He has also been a coach for the WNBA’s Charlotte Sting. He has a son named Tyrone Bogues Jr.

After his career in the NBA, Muggsy got a job as the head coach of the WNBA’s Charlotte Sting. In 2009, his former girlfriend, Sharon Smith, died from breast cancer. He also divorced Kim. He and his wife remarried in 2015. They have two children.

Muggsy Bogues’ father was called Richard, and his mother was Elaine. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He grew up in the Lafayette Court housing complex. His grandfather was named Snook. He attended Dunbar High School. In 1998, he graduated from Wake Forest University.

When Muggsy was a teenager, his father was sent to prison on an attempted robbery charge. He also had a sister named Sharon Smith. Her death came as a surprise to him.

Muggsy’s older brother, Tyrone, was a drug addict. So he moved with his brother in 1995. Later, his sister, who worked at the Baltimore Department of Recreation and Parks, died of cancer. Eventually, Ty graduated from high school. He also got a job in marketing for the Hornets.

Muggsy was also in the movie “Space Jam” with his son. He had a dog that never left his side. He also was featured on the covers of three magazines. He wore a purple checked suit. The suit was custom-made by a men’s clothing boutique near his home.


What NBA player has the smallest shoe size?

And in case you were curious, Earl Boykins, who stands at 5’5″ and wears size 9.5 shoes, has the smallest feet in NBA history.

Is Muggsy Bogues able to dunk?

Bogues corroborated this in an interview with, informing the interviewer that he had dunks in both high school and college.

What NBA player has the biggest shoe size?

Fall, who stands at 7 feet 6 inches, has the largest feet in the NBA. He wears a shoe size 22, matching those of departed Shaquille O’Neal, the only other player in that category.