Looking out for you guitar chords ! Easy Tab for Beginner


Looking out for you guitar chords

Looking out for you is a song by American indie rock band Joy Again. It was released as a single on May 4, 2017, through Joy Again‘s Bandcamp page. The song was written and produced by the band‘s frontman, Nate Eiesland. The song is a slowburning, atmospheric track that features Eiesland‘s ethereal vocals over a bed of reverbdrenched guitars.

The lyrics deal with the theme of loneliness, with Eiesland singing,I‘m looking out for you / In the dark of night / When you‘re all alone / And you need a light.” Critical reception forLooking out for you has been positive, with many reviewers praising the song‘s atmospheric sound and emotional lyrics. The song has been described as ahaunting ballad and astandout track from Joy Again‘s debut EP, Ghost.

Standard (EADGBE)

I went out looking for the( answers, and never left my town (

I’m no good at understanding, but I’m good at standing ground(

And when I asked a corner preach(er, I couldn’t hear him for my youth (

Some people get religion, some people get the truth

I never get the tru(th, I never get the truth


I know the darkness pulls o(n you, but it’s just a point of view

When you’re outside looki(ng in, you belong to someone (

And when you feel like gi(ving in, or the coming of the end

Like your heart could break( in two, someone loves you

I laid a suitcase on my chest(, so I could feel somebody’s weight

And I laid you to rest, just to feel the give and take (

I got a new interpr(etation, and it’s a better point of vi(ew

While you were looking for a landslide, I was looking out for you

I was looking out for you(, someone’s looking out for you


I am afraid of crossing lines,(Em I am afraid of flying (blind

Afraid of inquiring minds, afraid of being left behind (

I close my eyes, I think of you(; I take a step, I think of you(

I catch my breath, I think of you; I cannot rest, I think of you(

My one and only wrecking ba(ll, and you’re crashing through my walls

When you’re outside looking in,(you belong to someone (

And when you feel like giving in,( or the coming of the end

Like your heart could break in two(, someone loves you