What Famous Rappers Are Bloods And Crips?

What Famous Rappers Are Bloods And Crips?

What Famous Rappers Are Bloods And Crips?

It is crucial to remember that identifying the famous rappers who are part of the Bloods or Crips gangs isn’t easy since gang affiliations could change over time and not be publicly acknowledged. In addition, it is not the case that all rappers are affiliated with gangs, and it is essential to stay clear of perpetuating stereotypes and preconceived notions. There were instances where rappers were reported to be connected to these groups.

In the discussion of the Bloods, one of the most prominent rappers linked to the group is musician Lil Wayne. While he hasn’t explicitly declared Bloods affiliation, he has been seen in red attire and is often linked to the Bloods group. It is worth noting that the Lil Wayne connection is likely to be more symbolic or stylistic than a direct involvement in the gang’s activities.

Concerning the Crips group, one of the rappers who is often associated with the Crips connection is Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg has, throughout his career, often made reference to  and has also spoken out about growing up in Long Beach, California, an area known for its Crips presence. Like Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg’s connection to criminals is more akin to his background and ethnicity than his involvement in criminal activities.

It is vital to remember that the music business and culture cover many artists. Not every rapper is associated with gangs. Many rappers employ the images and language of the gangs to express their artistic vision or to show the reality of their lives. It is essential to consider these subjects respectfully and beware of perpetuating stereotypes and opinions about individuals based on their work or artistic style.

Most Tell-Known Blood Types?

Most Tell-Known Blood Types?

Although it’s difficult to know the exact situation of gang affiliations since they are prone to change, rappers have been connected with or believed to be associated with the Bloods band. Here are some examples:

The Game

 A very popular rapper in Bloods is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, better known as The Game. He hails from Compton, California, and The Game has often mentioned his ties to The Bloods in his songs and interviews. The Game has frequently spoken out regarding his involvement with gangs throughout his youth and has also depicted his gang affiliation in the lyrics of his albums and album covers.


 Bryan Christopher Williams, better known by Birdman, his stage name Birdman is a rap artist who is also a record executive and an entrepreneur. Although Birdman has not publicly claimed Bloods membership, he is recognized for his association with the group. He has been seen in red attire and referring to Blood’s terms in his public appearances and music.

Lil Wayne 

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., better known as Lil Wayne, is among the most popular hip-hop artists in the world. Like Birdman, Lil Wayne has not officially declared Bloods affiliation; however, Lil Wayne has been spotted wearing red clothes and has used Bloods-related lyrics within his songs. It’s important to understand that Lil Wayne’s affiliation with the Blood could be more stylistic or symbolic than indicating active involvement in gang-related activities.

Jim Jones

Joseph Guillermo Jones II, better known as Jim Jones, is a musician, rapper, and record executive. Jim Jones has openly acknowledged his connection to the Blue Bloods and has displayed the band’s affiliation in his music and public image. He often uses Bloods-r-blood words and hand signals on his  and has spoken out about his childhood and experiences associated with the gang.

It is important to respect these associations and refrain from perpetuating stereotypes or assumptions about people based on their gang affiliation. It is important to keep in mind that the music industry includes many musicians and that many rappers are not associated with bands.

Most Well-Known Criminals?

Like affiliations with the Bloods, identifying the most well-known rappers connected to the Crips group can be difficult and subject to change. There have been musicians who have been connected to or believed to be connected to the Crips group. Here are some examples:

Snoop Dogg 

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. is well-known for his stage name, Snoop Dogg, which is considered one of the most popular rappers in the music industry. He is from Long Beach, California, an area characterized by a strong Crips influence. Snoop Dogg has frequently mentioned his connection to his fellow Crips throughout his life. He has publicly admitted to his childhood in the Crip community and has portrayed this connection through his lyrics, music, and public appearance.

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Nipsey Hussle

 Ermias Pashadom, who was professionally called Nipsey Hussle, was a renowned businessman and rapper. Nipsey Hussle was part of the neighborhood group Rollin’ 60’s Crips as an element of the Crips group. He was raised in the Crenshaw neighborhood of Los Angeles, which has a significant Crips presence. Nipsey Hussle frequently incorporated his past experiences and affiliations into his music and pushed for positive change and empowerment for communities.


Kenon Daequan Raymond Jackson, also known as  or YG, is an American rapper born in Compton, California. Compton is historically linked to the criminal activities of gangs. YG has publicly acknowledged his ties to the Gang Top Piru gang, one of the subsets of the Bloods group; however, there is also evidence that he is a member of the Crips. It is important to note that YG’s affiliations could be linked to the community and neighborhood that he was raised in.


Jonathan Michael Porter, who is professionally known as Blueface, is a hip-hop artist who hails from Los Angeles, California. Blueface has stated that he is a member of the Schoolyard Crips, which is a different part of the Crips group. Blueface has referred to his connection to the Crips gang throughout his work and has been identified with hand signs referencing the Crips during his music performances and videos.

It’s crucial to look at these associations with a sense of humor and refrain from perpetuating stereotypes or assumptions about people based on their affiliation with gangs. It is important to recognize that the music business can be multifaceted and that not all rappers are linked to bands. Additionally, artists can employ gang-related images or words to express themselves artistically or reflect on their lives without engaging in criminal activity.

Celebrities Who Are Bloods And Cries?

It is vital to remember that identifying celebrity gang affiliations can be difficult because groups can develop over time and may not be publicly acknowledged. Furthermore, not all celebs are gang members It is essential not to perpetuate stereotypes or beliefs. There were instances where celebrities were linked to or believed to be associated with the Bloods, or Crips here. Here are some examples:

Celebrities That Are Part Of The Bloods

  1. Chris Brown: Chris Brown is a Grammy-winning musician, songwriter, and actor. While he hasn’t specifically declared Bloods membership, there are speculations and reports about his ties to the Bloods gang. He has been seen in red attire, which is frequently linked to the Bloods and has also used blood-related images and symbols in his music videos and performances.
  2. Birdman: As previously mentioned, Bryan Christopher Williams, also known as Birdman is a record executive and rapper. Although Birdman’s affiliations are unclear, he is recognized for his association in the Bloods. He’s been seen in red attire and utilizing blood-related terms in his music and appearances.

Celebrities That Are Part Of The Crips

  1. Ice-T: Tracy Lauren Marrow, also known as Ice-T, is a talented actor, rapper and a TV host. Ice-T has openly discussed his association with the Crips group in his early times. He was raised within South Los Angeles, an area known for Crips activities. His interviews and music have referred to his association with the Crips gang. But it’s important to remember that Ice-T removed himself from gang involvement as he grew older and was more focused on his career as an actor.
  2. Tiny Lister: Tommy “Tiny” Lister was an professional wrestler and actor who was well-known for his performance as “Deebo” in the film “Friday.” Lister was a member of the Crips group in his early years and earned a name in the gang world. Remembering that Lister’s life and profession spanning beyond band affiliation is crucial. He was able to pursue an enviable acting career.

It is vital to respect these relationships and refrain from perpetuating stereotypes or opinions about individuals based on their gang connections. Celebrities’ individual choices and actions may change over time, and it is crucial to realize that not all celebrities are associated with gangs.

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Who Is The Chief In The Bloods And Crips?

Who Is The Chief In The Bloods And Crips?

The Bloods and Crips are decentralized street gangs that are comprised of a variety of groups or sets. Therefore, they do not have one central leader who oversees the entire group. Each group operates independently and could have its own hierarchy or leaders. It is vital to remember that the gang structure can alter over time, and the information I provide is based on the current situation as of the time of my knowledge’s cutoff on September 20, 2021.

The Leadership of the Bloods

  1. No central leadership: The Bloods group has no recognized leader in charge of all the groups. Instead, each group may have leaders who influence and make decisions within their regions. They are accountable for ensuring order, resolving disputes, and overseeing criminal activity at the local scale.
  2. The influence from OGs: In the Bloods the respected and skilled members referred to in the Bloods as “Original Gangsters” or “OGs” could have an influence. They typically have a long involvement in the gang and have connections, knowledge and authority. Although they may not be in an official leadership position, their standing and status within the gang may be a significant factor.

The Leadership of Other Fluids, the Crips

  1. No central leader: Like the Bloods gang, the Crips group does not have one leader who is the overarching figurehead for the entire set. Each set has their structures for leadership. The power and authority interactions within the Crips may differ between sets, with cliques or individual leaders exercising control over their areas of authority.
  2. The original Crip creators: They Crips were initially created in the late 1960s by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams in Los Angeles in the late 1960s. Although both played a key role in the formation of the Crips, they were not named the chiefs of the whole organization. As time passed, the group became larger and diverse into various sets, each with its own leaders.

It is essential to realize that leadership roles and gang affiliations are fluid,, and the individuals who are part of these organizations can be influential or decline over time  In addition, because of the secrecy nature of gangs and their criminal activities, the gang’s structure of leadership may not be easily accessible or readily available to the public.

Are Blood And Crips Lovers?

Indeed, the Bloods and Crips gangs are generally referred to as rival gangs. They are frequently involved in violent battles. But, then, and between the sets, it’s important to realize that gang dynamics may differ depending on the locale, sets, and members in the gangs. Here are some important points about the connection between the Bloods and the Crips:

Rivalry and Conflict

The Bloods and Crips have a long history of rivalry that stems from territorial disputes, the control of drug distribution, and various other crimes. This rivalry has resulted in conflict and violence between the two groups. The rivalry for influence, power, and resources has triggered tensions and the retaliation cycle.

Geographic Differences

While the Crips and Bloods are known as antagonists, it is important to keep in mind that the dynamics of gangs can vary according to the location of their headquarters. In certain areas, groups of criminals and bloods may have formed ceasefires or alliances to lessen violence and concentrate their respective crime activities. These alliances may be temporary and specific to particular areas or neighborhoods.

Individual Relationships

However, despite the general rivalry among the Bloods and Crips, individuals from both gangs might have relationships unrelated to the gang’s activities. Family ties, social interactions, or friendships may exist between people connected to those from the Bloods and Crips, especially in the communities in which both gangs have a presence. But these connections don’t necessarily signify an extended friendship or collaboration between the gangs regarding organizations.

Ceasefire Efforts

There have been numerous attempts to create truces and encourage peace between the Bloods and the Crips. Leaders from the community, activists, and groups have worked toward resolving conflicts, negotiating peace treaties, and facilitating discussions between the two bands. Although these efforts have achieved limited success, general conflict and rivalries continue to rage.

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It is vital to consider the relationship between blood and crips in a way that recognizes that it is multifaceted and complex. Although the gangs are typically seen as adversaries because of their history of conflict, there could be some exceptions and differences depending on particular circumstances, individual relationships, and localized interactions. It is important to remember that both the Bloods and the Crips can be considered criminal groups that engage in criminal activities. Their interactions are mostly motivated by competition and self-interest.


Which famous rappers are affiliated with the Bloods?

There have been several famous rappers associated with the Bloods gang. Some notable examples include:

  • Snoop Dogg: Snoop Dogg, also known as Snoop Doggy Dogg, is associated with the Rollin’ 20 Crips gang. However, earlier in his life, he was involved with the Bloods.
  • The Game: The Game, whose real name is Jayceon Terrell Taylor, has openly claimed affiliation with the Bloods, specifically the Cedar Block Piru Bloods in Los Angeles.
  • Birdman: Bryan Williams, known by his stage name Birdman, has been associated with the Bloods. He has mentioned his affiliation in his music and public interviews.

Which famous rappers are affiliated with the Crips?

Several well-known rappers have been associated with the Crips gang. Here are a few examples:

  • Nipsey Hussle: Nipsey Hussle, whose real name was Ermias Joseph Asghedom, was a highly respected rapper and entrepreneur. He was an active member of the Rollin’ 60s Crips in Los Angeles.
  • Blueface: Blueface, born Jonathan Porter, is associated with the School Yard Crips in Los Angeles. He has referenced his affiliation in his music and interviews.
  • YG: Keenon Daequan Ray Jackson, professionally known as YG, has claimed affiliation with the Bloods in his music, but he is also associated with the Tree Top Piru subset of the Bloods. However, it’s important to note that YG has faced criticism and controversy regarding his gang-affiliated image.

Are there any rappers who have been associated with both Bloods and Crips?

While it is less common, there have been instances where rappers have claimed association with both Bloods and Crips or have had connections to members of both gangs. For example:

  • The Game: Although The Game is primarily associated with the Bloods, he has acknowledged friendships with individuals affiliated with both the Bloods and Crips.
  • Snoop Dogg: Snoop Dogg is primarily associated with the Crips but has mentioned his past involvement with the Bloods before he became famous.

Are all rappers who claim gang affiliation actually part of those gangs?

It is important to approach claims of gang affiliation with caution, as some rappers may use gang imagery or references for artistic or marketing purposes. While some rappers genuinely have ties to street gangs, others might adopt a gangster persona without being directly involved in gang activities. It is crucial not to assume that every rapper claiming affiliation is a current or active member of the gang they mention.

What impact does gang affiliation have on rappers’ careers?

Gang affiliation can have both positive and negative impacts on rappers’ careers. Some artists find that claiming affiliation with a gang adds authenticity to their street credibility, resonates with certain audiences, and enhances their popularity within their communities. On the other hand, gang affiliation can also lead to controversies, legal issues, and strained relationships with other artists or the broader public. It is essential to remember that each rapper’s experience and the impact of their gang affiliation may vary.

Should the public support rappers affiliated with gangs?

Whether or not to support rappers affiliated with gangs is a subjective decision that depends on individual values and beliefs. Some people may appreciate and enjoy the music and artistic expression of these rappers regardless of their gang affiliations. Others may be more concerned about the potential negative influence of promoting gang culture or the real-life consequences associated with gang activities. It is up to each person to decide whom they choose to support and the criteria they use to make that decision.