The King of Tone Waiting List

The King of Tone Waiting List

The King of Tone Waiting List

Analogman King of Tone Analogman King of Tone is an outstanding overdrive pedal with its place on any pedalboard, no matter what type of music they play. It’s very transparent, which means your guitar’s natural Tone will be heard but with less compression and drive.

Analogman King of Tone Pedal Review

If you’ve been looking around on the web for the most distinctive guitar pedals, you’ve likely seen Analogman. Analogman. This Analogman King of Tone pedal review will inform you everything about this one of the sought-after overdrives within the music industry and why it takes four years before getting your hands on it!

Mike Piera is responsible for developing this brand, which is adored by many professional guitars too. The journey began in the 90s when he began modifying Ibanez Tubescreamers and swiftly began to gain a huge following within the guitar world. It led to growing his group, modifying various pedals, and even creating his products.

The most famous pedals are their King of Tone, the Beano Boost, the Sunface Fuzz, the ARDX20 Dual Delay, and the Prince of Tone. From all their offerings, these two are the only two made in the USA. However, they’re far above average and will not disappoint those seeking high-end equipment.

Bottom Line Up Front

The Analogman King of Tone is an exceptional overdrive pedal that has an appropriate spot on every pedalboard, no matter what musical genre they are playing. It’s extremely transparent, which means your guitar’s natural Tone will be heard but with less compression and drive.

It’s amazingly compatible with other pedals (overdrive distortions, fuzzes, and overdrives). In addition, it has a range of choices and internal switches that allow you to get the most out of this incredible product. The only issue is the long wait you must endure to obtain one. However, I’m certain I won’t have to part ways with mine anytime soon!

What Is It That Makes This Analog Man the King of Tone?

The Analogman King of Tone has become one of the world’s most sought-after overdrive pedals since its initial version in 2003.

The founder, Mike Piera, had modified Tubescreamers for numerous well-known musicians. When the KoT arrived, a large number wanted to test the pedal and called Mike to express much appreciation and praise for this legendary overdrive pedal.

I see various elements at play in my quest to understand why this pedal is an instant hit. Naturally, the quality of its construction and sound quality, all the options you can select from when purchasing, and the fact it’s entirely made in the USA are all top elements for a successful pedal. Still, the buzz online can contribute to KoT’s popularity.

For instance, many popular YouTubers like Dan Mick and Mick of That Pedal Show have praised the KoT numerous times, along with other YouTubers like Chris Buck, Paul Davids, Music is Win, and Shnobel.

If you take just a few minutes on Analogman’s website, you’ll see several glowing reviews written by many of the world’s most well-known guitarists. When I read this, I could not help but feel a huge amount of interest that led me to sign up for the waitlist as quickly as possible. I’m sure that I’m not the only person in this!

Let all the talking about and hype aside, this and Analogman King of Tone is an incredible pedal. I’d purchase it over and over again without a doubt. I highly recommend it to my guitarist buddies and believe it will succeed. Mike, as well as his crew, will continue to build these pedals for many years to come.

Complete Specifications and Optional Features of the Analogman King of Tone

Check out the complete details of the Analogman King of Tone below. In addition, you’ll also see the additional features you can ask for when it’s your turn to buy the pedal. Specifications

  • Type of Pedal: Dual Overdrive – two pedals inside one enclosure
  • Analog/Digital: Analog
  • Inputs: 1 x 1/4”
  • Outputs: 1 x 1/4”
  • Bypass Switching: True Bypass
  • Energy Supply: 9V DC power source (not included, however, it can accept 18V for more headroom)
  • 9V Battery Option: Yes
  • Input Impedance: 1 Mega Ohm
  • Current Draw: 6-10mA
  • Dimensions: 4.75” x 3.75” x 1.5” (Width x Length x Height)
  • Leds: Super bright yellow and red LEDs
  • Other: Internal control knobs for treble Internal DIP switches switch between clean distortion, OD, and clean modes on both pedal sides.

Additional Options

Mode Toggle Switch

For an additional 50 dollars, get the switch to toggle modes with three settings. The switch allows users to choose from Clean, OD, and Distortion modes on both sides of the pedal instead of opening the pedal to change modes through one of the DIP switches. Unfortunately, requesting this option on both sides is impossible, or only on the yellow side.

As I don’t need to change the settings on my guitar, I did not purchase My King of Tone with this feature (I just wanted the greater volume on the Red side, and I’m extremely happy with what I was able to get it).

Four Jacks

If I were using a switcher system such as the GigRig G2 or the Boss ES-8, I would have requested that the King of Tone come with four jacks instead of just two. This feature can be beneficial if you create an instrument on each side of the King of Tone that can produce some intriguing tones.

The feature will cost an additional $50 if requested at the time of ordering; however, it’s an upgrade for $75 if you want to alter your decision when you get the pedal.

Higher Gain Sides

If you’re looking to add a small amount of performance on the other side of the King of Tone (or both), you can purchase this for an additional $10 when you purchase yours. Mike is advising everyone to take advantage of this option on the OD side. I believe it’s a good choice also.

If you’ve always wanted to test this kind of Tone and aren’t sure about the cost, it may be worthwhile to consider signing up for the waitlist. That will allow you to benefit from the amazing tones and the excellent service the guitarist can provide. This King of Tone is a guitar effect pedal manufactured by Analog Man, which specializes in creating and manufacturing premium effect pedals for guitars. It is a desired pedal, and because of this, there could be a waitlist to purchase one.

If you’re looking to purchase the King of Tone pedal and are waiting on the list and want to know when it will be available, contact Analog Man to check on the status of your purchase and learn when the pedal will be made available. You might also be able to locate this King of Tone pedal available from other stores or in the used market; however, it could cost more or be more difficult to locate in these situations.

Duke of Tone

Analog Man’s “King of Tone’ pedal for Overdrive is among the most popular overdrive pedals in the market. The pedal’s circuit features three modes of Overdrive: clean distortion, OD, and clean. The 3-way switch can control the three modes. Each mode increases compression, grit, or a slight boost in the lower mid-frequency range.

A clean tone is similar to the TSR. However, by using Duke of Tone, you receive the airy TS circuit with less stride, high harmonics, and a more dynamic touch. It makes it a good choice to choose.

The ‘OD’ mode sounds similar to the traditional slap-back low-level drive sound; contrast, the ‘Distortion’ option is slightly “harder.” Running the Overdrive using an 18-volt power line also makes it possible to get additional headroom.

The first Prince of Tone was a single-channel design. However, Analog Man has collaborated with MXR to design the smaller pedal. This model now comes with the four-position configuration DIP switch and a three-way toggle switch for clipping.

MXR Duke of Tone MXR Duke of Tone is an excellent choice for people looking for an excellent-sounding and powerful overdrive pedal. The three-way toggle switch is a reference to the renowned Analog Man design.

Pairing the ‘Prince’ and the Duke gives you a fully-featured overdrive pedal that provides an audio experience unlike any other. With the same treble trim pot found in the KOT model, this lets you tweak your top-end performance. With a tiny chassis and various gain settings, It’s no wonder it’s a highly sought-after overdrive pedal.

Joyo R 20 King of Kings

The Joyo R 20 king of Kings is an overdrive pedal with two channels with various features and advantages. The most notable highlights include the LED display and the fact that it’s capable of switching between distortion and overdrive modes. But it’s not an electric pedal powered by batteries; therefore, you’ll have to depend on a power source.

The R-20 King of Kings has some useful tricks to its name. The pedal can perform various functions, including a high-gain mode and one Kanal. It can also produce a surprising sound volume, considering its small size. Additionally, it has a tiny but elegant sound jack. Ultimately, it’s an under-appreciated kit that is certain to make its mark as an important piece of your collection of guitars.

The R-20 King of Kings might not be the top Oleo clone available; it’s an excellent pedal. It’s packed with features and power and is a worthy clone of its predecessor. For the cost, it’s expensive. A brand new model will cost approximately 800 dollars. However, you can purchase one for only $69.99 on Joyo. If you’re looking for an alternative location for your pedal collection or are searching for a new instrument, The Joyo R-20 king of Kings is an investment that is worth it. It’s not only because it’s inexpensive, well-built, feature-rich, and long-lasting music gear. It will be a struggle with some minor bumps at first; however, once you get the system’s knack, you’ll enjoy playing for a long time.

Analog Man KOTv4

In terms of boutique overdrive pedals concerned, The AnalogMan KOTv4 double Overdrive is an absolute must-have. It’s a remarkable achievement in itself. However, the top-of-the-top double Overdrive isn’t the only model worth a look. Indeed, the company isn’t afraid to inform customers about the offer. If you’re looking for a brand new dual overdrive pedal or just searching for the most recent and best product, it’s hard to match Analog Man’s pricing. It was expensive but worth the cost. The company’s customer support is top-of-the-line. The KOTv4 is an essential accessory to every guitarist’s pedalboard. It’s available in two styles, a great choice for the discerning buyer.

Analog Man’s service level

Analog Man King of Tone Analog Man, The King of Tone, is a guitar pedal with an overdrive that’s earned it an excellent reputation among musicians of all kinds. It is employed in the hands of some of the most famous musicians around the globe. You can find it on the pedals of musicians such as Jim Weider, Dave Malone, and Gary Clark Jr.

King of Tone King of Tone is based on the modified Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal. The circuitry has been extensively modified to offer a broad range of distortion and Overdrive. Every side is equipped with Volume, Drive, and a Tone knob. They can all be switched via the internal DIP switches.

KoT pedal can be a very popular option for collectors and guitarists. However, some users say there are some issues with it. However, overall, it’s an excellent value and an inexpensive overdrive. Apart from its tiny dimensions, it’s wired by hand to ensure security.

Like many other boutique pedals, the KoT is designed by a group of competent musicians who create and test each piece. It means that the pedal will last an extended period. Additionally, the power source is reliable, making repairs simple.

The Tone King Tone was out of stock. Demand for this pedal was far beyond the capacity of production by Analog Man. So the Analog Man team created an open waiting list. While it’s no longer available for sale, you can still purchase the pedal in shops. But you may have to wait three or four years before getting the product.

Analogman’s Overdrive Tones

Analog man’s overdrive tone is one of the most sought-after pedals available. Even though demand has outpaced supply for a few years, there’s an open waiting list to purchase one. It’s necessary to join the list of mailing addresses. However, this isn’t a simple procedure, so you’ll need to prepare according to the process.

Therefore, looking around for alternative pedals is recommended to find the right one. There are several various models for sale, and many have similar features. Some of the most popular models are those from the MXR M75 Super Badass Distortion, JHS The AT, and Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron.

If you’re searching for a cheap substitute for the King of Tone, You can look into an alternative like the Duke of Tone overdrive pedal made by Analog Man. The pedal is an economical version of the Overdrive. It also has the option to choose between Boost, distortion, or OD. It’s also smaller than the original.

While the Analogman pedals are high quality, they’re more costly upfront. The benefit is the fact that these pedals are durable and clear. In contrast to other types of overdrives, these are made so you can fix them yourself.

Mike Piera, the founder of Analogman, started by altering Ibanez Tubescreamers. He later expanded his team and started designing the products he created. After seeing how well-liked his pedals became, he made a more powerful switch.

Mike has also developed various other pedals, such as Prince of Tone, Beano Boost, and Sunface Fuzz. Each pedal is made of top-quality components and is repairable with the owner’s help.

However, the waiting line for the King of Tone overdrive is long. It’s been four years now since this pedal first came out.


Is The King of Tone worth it?

Regardless of the type of music one plays, anyone’s pedalboard would benefit from having the Analogman King of Tone overdrive pedal. As it is so transparent, the natural tone of your guitar will still be audible through it, albeit with a little bit more compression and drive.

How much does King of Tone retail for?

The King Of Tone currently costs $265 (£210), plus additional money for extras. And this seems fairly reasonable considering that many hand-wired boutique pedals cost the same or even more. This is especially true in light of the fact that Bill Finnegan, the inventor of the Klon Centaur, opened a tiny shop on Ebay in 2019.

How much power does King of Tone draw?

At 9V, the pedal draws roughly 10mA of current, but only 6mA when it is turned off or if the red channel is chosen. At lower voltages, you can obtain a fuzzier sound if you choose, for instance using the SAG mode on the pedalpower2. You’ll notice the pedal won’t get beautiful and clean and the sound will be noisier when your battery expires.

What is a king of tone?

The King Of Tone overdrive was created to take an amplifier at a moderate level and simulate pure, smooth, tube distortion. The King Of Tone pedal, created by Analog Man and Jim Weider, is the effect we’ve been seeking for for a long time (KoT).

Who is the founder of King of Tone?

In Baltimore, Maryland, the United States, Tone King produces hoover tube guitar amplifiers and standalone attenuators. In 1993, Mark Bartel established Tone King in Kingston, New York.

How much current does Prince of tone draw?

At 9V, the pedal draws just approximately 6mA. With lower voltages, you can create a fuzzier sound if you choose. You’ll notice the pedal won’t get beautiful and clean and the sound will be noisier when your battery expires. For optimal performance, use a power supply or a good Alkaline battery.