The Empress Reversed As Feelings

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The Empress Reversed As Feelings

The Tarot card deck is an ancient tool used to gain insight into different aspects of our lives. Each card holds a unique meaning and can provide guidance to those who seek it. The Empress is one such card that represents motherhood, nurturing, and fertility. When this card is reversed, however, it can indicate a range of emotions and interpretations that are worth exploring. In this article, we will delve into the meaning of The Empress reversed as feelings and how it can impact our lives.

Understanding The Empress Reversed

Before we dive into the feelings and emotions associated with The Empress reversed, it’s important to understand the card’s basic meaning. The Empress is a symbol of abundance, creativity, and nurturing. She represents the mother figure in our lives, whether it be our birth mother or a maternal figure who has played a significant role in our upbringing. When this card is reversed, it can indicate a lack of nurturing, creative blockages, or emotional instability.

The Feelings Associated with The Empress Reversed

When The Empress is reversed, it can cause a range of emotions and feelings that can be difficult to navigate. Here are some of the most common feelings associated with The Empress reversed:

1. Neglect

One of the most significant emotions associated with The Empress Reversed is neglect. This can manifest in different ways, from feeling unloved and unsupported to feeling abandoned and forgotten. You may feel like you aren’t getting the care, attention, or nurturing you need, making you feel vulnerable and alone.

2. Creative Blockages

The Empress reversed can also indicate creative blockages. You may feel like you’re stuck in a rut or lacking inspiration in your creative endeavors. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re used to feeling a sense of flow and abundance in your creative expression.

3. Emotional Instability

Another feeling associated with The Empress reversed is emotional instability. You may feel like your emotions are all over the place, making it difficult to feel grounded or centered. This can be especially challenging if you’re going through a difficult time or experiencing a period of transition.

4. Unfulfilled Desires

The Empress’s reverse can also indicate unfulfilled desires. You may feel like you’re not getting what you want or need out of life, leaving you feeling disappointed or unfulfilled. This can be particularly difficult if you’ve put a lot of time and effort into pursuing your goals.

Interpreting The Empress Reversed

Interpreting The Empress reversed can be challenging, but it’s essential to gain insight into how this card is impacting your life. Here are some interpretations of The Empress reversed:

1. Lack of Self-Care

If you’re feeling neglected or unsupported, it may be a sign that you need to focus on self-care. This can involve taking time for yourself, setting boundaries, and prioritizing your needs. It’s important to remember that you are worthy of love and care, even if you’re not getting it from external sources.

2. Overcoming Creative Blockages

If you’re experiencing creative blockages, it may be time to try something new or approach your creative pursuits from a different angle. This can involve experimenting with different mediums, seeking inspiration from new sources, or collaborating with others. Remember that creativity is a process, and it’s okay to hit roadblocks along the way.

3. Seeking Stability

If you’re feeling emotionally unstable, it may be beneficial to seek stability in your life. This can involve creating a routine, practicing mindfulness or meditation, or seeking professional support. Remember that it’s okay to ask for help and that seeking support is a sign of strength, not weakness.

4. Reevaluating Your Goals

If you’re feeling unfulfilled or like your desires aren’t being met, it may be time to reevaluate your goals. This can involve taking a step back and reassessing what you truly want out of life, or exploring new paths that align with your values and passions. Remember that it’s never too late to change direction and pursue what truly matters to you.

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What does The Empress reversed mean in love?

In love, The Empress reversed can indicate a lack of nurturing or emotional instability in a relationship. It may be a sign that you or your partner need to focus on self-care and address any underlying issues before moving forward.

Can The Empress reversed represent a negative mother figure?

Yes, The Empress reversed can represent a negative or absent mother figure. This can manifest in feelings of neglect or abandonment and may require healing and inner work to overcome.

How can I overcome creative blockages associated with The Empress reversed?

To overcome creative blockages, try approaching your creative projects from a different angle or seeking inspiration from new sources. You can also experiment with different mediums or collaborate with others to spark new ideas.

What does The Empress Reversed mean in career?

In career, The Empress reversed can indicate a lack of creativity or nurture in your work environment. It may be a sign that you need to seek out new opportunities or approach your work from a different perspective.

How can I seek stability when The Empres’s reverse is impacting my life?

To seek stability, try creating a routine that prioritizes self-care and mindfulness. This can involve setting aside time for meditation or exercise, seeking support from loved ones or professionals, and establishing healthy boundaries in your relationships and work life. Remember that stability is a process and may take time to achieve, but taking small steps toward it can make a significant difference in your emotional well-being.


The Empress reversed can be a challenging card to navigate, but it can also provide valuable insight into our emotions and experiences. By understanding the feelings associated with The Empress reversed and interpreting its message, we can gain clarity and guidance on how to move forward in our lives. Whether it’s focusing on self-care, overcoming creative blockages, seeking stability, or reevaluating our goals, The Empress Reversed can help us identify areas for growth and transformation. Remember that Tarot cards are a tool for self-reflection and self-discovery and that their interpretation is ultimately up to you.