Sweet Caroline Guitar Chords

Sweet Caroline guitar chords

Sweet Caroline Guitar Chords

Sweet Caroline is a classic song written and performed by Neil Diamond. The song was released in 1969 and has since become a staple at sporting events and other gatherings. The song is particularly popular among fans of the Boston Red Sox, who adopted it as their unofficial anthem in 1997. The song has also been covered by a variety of artists, including Michael Bub and Garth Brooks.

The catchy, upbeat tune ofSweet Caroline has made it a favorite of many, and its simple lyrics tell a sweet story of love and devotion. The song is about Diamond‘s relationship with his wife, Marcia, and how their love for each other sustained them through the hard times of life. The lyrics speak of a couple who has shared a long and happy life together.

Sweet Caroline Easy Guitar Chords

Tone [A]
[E] [E] [E] [E]
[A]Where it began [D]I can’t begin to know it
[A]But then I know it’s going [E]strong
[A]Was in the spring, [D]and spring became a summer
[A]Who’d have believe you’d come [E]along
[A]Hands touching [A6]hands
[E][D]Reaching out [E]touching me touching you
[A]Sweet [D]Caroline Good [E]times never seemed so good
[A]I’d be [D]inclined [E]to believe there never would
[D]But [C#m]now [Bm]I’m
[A]Look at the [(E]night [A] [E)] [D]and it don’t seem so lonely
[A]We fill it up with only [E]two
[A]And when I hurt Hurting [D]runs off my shoulder
[A]How can I hurt [E]when holding you
[A]One, touching [A6]one
[E]Reachin out touching me touching [E]you
[A]Sweet [D]Car[(D]oline [C#] [F#)] Good t[E]imes never seemed so good
[A]I’d be [D]inc[(D]lined [C#] [F#)] to believe there never [E]would
[D]Oh [C#m]no no [Bm]
[E] [E] [E] [E]
[A]Hands touching [A6]hands
[E][D]Reaching [E]out touching me touching you
[A]Sweet [D]Caroline [(D] [C#] [F#)] Good times never seemed so [E]good
[A]I’d be [D]incl[(D]ined [C#] [F#)] to believe there never [E]would
[D]Oh [C#m]no no [Bm] [A]
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