Revved Up Like a Deuce

Revved Up Like a Deuce

Revved Up Like a Deuce

In this post, you’ll learn all about the expression “revved up like a deuce” and how it may relate to the number 2 on a scale of 1-10. You’ll also learn some related phrases and expressions, as well as their meanings.

Bruce Springsteen’s version of “Revved Up Like a Deuce” did not receive the same popularity as the Manfred Mann version and, as a result, did not enter the charts upon its release. One reason for this is a simple mistake in the recording process. The word “revved” was added to the song by mistake rather than as a lyric.

Good Luck

The famous “Chopsticks” chorus of Bruce Springsteen’s “Good luck revved up like a deuce” is one of the most recognizable lines in his songs. The song is also known by other names such as “Wrapped up like an asshole” and “Douching.” The player must hold their hands with two fingers to play the chorus.

The lyric is an allusion to feminine hygiene products. The Earth Band’s version, which features Springsteen’s voice, was re-recorded and sung by the late guitarist. While re-recording the song, Springsteen rewrote the lyric to “wrapped up like a douche” and added a few other lines.

Bad Luck

“Bad luck revved up like a deuce” is a famous line from Bruce Springsteen’s Blinded by the Light, which refers to bad luck in two different ways. The phrase is often mistaken for “wrapped up like an asshole,” but it is the opposite. In English, the word deuce is an obsolete slang term for two. It originally referred to two spots on a die. In Old English literature, the word deuce meant “bad luck.”

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The line is also used to refer to feminine hygiene products. Springsteen also uses the phrase “wrapped up like a douche” to describe another runner in the night. However, the lyrics refer to a feminine hygiene product. The lyrics of “Bad luck revved up like a deuce” were not changed, but the phrase “wrapped up like a douche” was added to the chorus.

Another Runner in the Night

“It’s like another runner in the night,” goes the refrain in “Blinded by the Light.” The song’s lyrics are wrapped up like a deuce. A deuce can be either a deity or the devil. It can also mean utter destruction, eternal death, blindness, and total ruin.

Springsteen’s version of the song didn’t receive the same popularity as Manfred Mann’s. It failed to reach the charts when it was first released as a single. However, Springsteen explained in 2005 that the title was not meant to be spelled that way. Instead, it is a phrasal error made in the recording process.

German Word

A deuce is the face of a die that has two spots. It’s also the index number two on playing cards. In tennis, a deuce means the score is tied – each player wins three points. The term “deuce” is also used to refer to a tie in other sports, including football.

The chorus of the song “Blinded by the Light” by Bruce Springsteen sounded like a lyric about speeding around town in a deuce. Springsteen later joked that the world misunderstood the lyrics, thinking it was about a feminine hygiene product. But Jeff Lynne, the engineer who wrote the song, decided to keep the German word “groose” in, and it turns out that groose means “greetings” in German.

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Interestingly, deuce can also mean devil or deity. It may also mean armor. Deuces have many meanings in German, including aristocrats and the rich. In a more mundane sense, deuce can mean “dope” or “pill lady” and can even mean “potrepreneur.”

Slang Word

Revved up like a deuce is a catchphrase used by people in different situations. It refers to a car that is revved up and ready to go. It is also used as a mild oath. The phrase also has other meanings, ranging from a 2-seat coupe in hotrodding to a pair of twos in card games.

The most famous chorus of the Bruce Springsteen song is Revved Up Like a Deuce. However, the lyrics sound like “Wrapped up like a douche.” In 2005, Bruce Springsteen acknowledged the mispronunciation and said the song was about a car, not a female hygienic procedure.

The lyric “Blinded By the Light” was also popular during the drug era, and many songs were utterly incomprehensible. As a result, some of the songs were not very meaningful. For example, Manfred Mann once said, “Do Wah Diddy!

Bruce Springsteen’s Version

One of his most famous songs is Bruce Springsteen’s version of revved up like a deuce. This version is more popular than the Manfred Mann recording. Originally called “Cut loose like a deuce,” this song was later rewritten to reflect a new meaning for Springsteen. The original song referred to the phrase “wrapped up like a douche.” The lyrics were rewritten and released in the summer of 2005.

The song contains references to various aspects of Springsteen’s life, including references to his childhood and his friends. One verse references his Little League team, while another mentions his two-seater hot rod. The final line, “Hummin’ a lunar tune,” may reference the Van Morrison tune Moondance.

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The original version of this song was recorded at the Community Theater in 1973. On the other hand, the Manfred Mann version was recorded for the 1976 movie, The Midnight Special. The songs are pretty different, but both have a similar sound and feel. The first verse starts with the chorus and is full of horns and other instruments, while the second verse features angelic voices and a cool guitar riff.

The lyrics of this song are about youthful energy and ambition. Springsteen explains in the video above that the lyrics are primarily autobiographical. He was young and ambitious and wanted to make something different with his songwriting.