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mary did you know guitar chords

Mary did you know chords guitar

The songMary Did You Know?” is a Christmas carol with lyrics written by Mark Lowry and music composed by Buddy Greene. The song was first recorded by Christian singer Michael English on his 1991 album of the same name. The song reflects on the Nativity of Jesus and asks whether Mary, his mother, was aware of the significance of her son‘s birth. The lyrics suggest that she might not have fully understood the implications of her son‘s divinity until she witnessed the Resurrection. The song has been recorded by a number of artists, including English, Pentatonix, Cee Lo Green, and Clay Aiken.

Tone [Am]
Capo 2
Mary did you [Am]know that your [G]baby boy will [F]one day walk on [E]water?
Mary did you Amknow that your [G]baby boy will [F]save our sons and daugh[E]ters?
Scott amd Avi:
Did you [F]know that your [G]baby boy has [Em]come to make you [Am]new?
This child [Dm]that you’ve delivered, will [Am]soon deliver [E]you
Mary did you [Am]know that your baby [G]boy will [F]give sight to a blind [E]man?
Mary did you know [Am]that your baby [G]boy will [F]calm a storm with his [E]hand?
Did you know [F]that your [G]baby boy has [Em]walked where angels [Am]trod?
And when you [Dm]kiss your little baby, you have [Am]kissed the face of [E]God
Mary did [Am]you[G] [F]know[E], Mary did you [Am]know[G] [F] [E]
The [F]blind will see, the [G]deaf will hear and the [F]dead will live [Am]again
The [F]lame will leap, the [G]dumb will speak, the [Am]praises of the [E]lamb
Mary did you know [Am]that your [F]baby boy is [F]Lord of all crea[E]tion?
Mary did you know [Am]that your [G]baby boy will one[F] day rule the na[E]tions?
Did you [F]know that your [G]baby boy is [Em]heaven’s perfect [Am]Lamb?
This sleeping[Dm] child you’re holding [E]is the great I [Am]am[G] [F] [E] [Am] [G] [F] [E]
Mary did you [Am]know?
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