Landslide Guitar Chords

Landslide Guitar Chords
Landslide Guitar Chords

Landslide Guitar Chords

A landslide is an event of great magnitude, both literally and figuratively, and as such, it has been a popular subject for many songs throughout the last few decades. One of the most iconic of these is the Fleetwood Mac songLandslide,” written by Stevie Nicks and released in 1975.

The song is about the life of a woman who is facing significant changes, and is struggling to accept them. She is reflecting on her life and the decisions she has made, and is trying to decide which path to take. The chorus of the song captures her sentiment, with the lyricsOh, oh, oh, I‘ve been afraid of changing,Cause I‘ve built my life around you.”

Landslide Easy Guitar Chords

Tone: [G]
Capo: 3
[C] [G] [Am] [G]
[C]I took my [G]love, I took it [Am]down[G]
[C]Climbed a [G]mountain and I turned a[Am]round[G]
And I [C]saw my re[G]flection in the [Am]snow-covered [G]hills
Till the [C]landslide [G]brought me [Am]down[G]
Oh, [C]mirror in the [G]sky, what is [Am]love?[G]
Can the [C]child within my [G]heart rise a[Am]bove? [G]
Can I [C]sail through the [G]changin’ [Am]ocean [G]tides?
Can I [C]handle the [G]seasons of my [Am]li [G][C]i – [Am]fe? [G]
[C]Mm hm[G]m hmm [Am]hmm [D7]
Well, [G]I’ve been a[D7]fraid of [Em]changing ’cause I’ve
[C]Built my [G]life around [Am]you [D7]
But [G]time makes you [D7]bolder, even [Em]children get older
And [C]I’m getting [G]older [Am]too[G]
[C]Ah-ah, [G]take my love, take it [Am]down [G]
[C]Climbed a [G]mountain and turn a[Am]round[G]
If you [C]see my re[G]flection in the [Am]snow-covered [G]hills
Well the [C]landslide will [G]bring it [Am]down [G]
And if you s[C]ee my re[G]flection in the [Am]snow-covered [G]hills
Well, a [C]landslide’ll [G]bring it [Am]down, [G]oh-ohh
The [C]landslide’ll [G]bring it [Am]down.