King of Swords as Feelings in Love & Relationships (Upright & Reversed)

King of Swords as Feelings in Love & Relationships (Upright & Reversed)

King of Swords as Feelings in Love & Relationships (Upright & Reversed)

In the court of the Tarot deck, the King of Swords stands as a beacon of intellect, logic, and truth. He is often depicted as a regal figure, holding aloft a double-edged sword, a symbol not only of power but also of clarity and discernment. This king isn’t swayed easily by emotion; instead, he values reason, clarity, and objectivity above all else. In matters of the heart, the King of Swords suggests a relationship dynamic where intellect plays a significant role. It implies communication that is straightforward and relationships built on mutual respect for each individual’s intelligence. As we delve deeper into understanding the King of Swords in the realm of love and relationships, we will explore the layered meanings behind this card’s upright and reversed positions, uncovering the nuances of intellect’s role in affairs of the heart.

King of Swords: An Overview

The King of Swords, part of the Minor Arcana in the Tarot deck, is the epitome of intellectual power, clarity, and authority. Depicted as a king sitting on his throne, often against a backdrop of clear skies, he holds a double-edged sword in one hand, symbolizing his objective and balanced decision-making abilities.

Representing the element of Air, the King of Swords is all about intellect, mental clarity, and the power of thoughts. He embodies the qualities of a judicious leader, someone who uses logic and reason rather than emotion to make decisions. This king is a master of communication, having both the clarity of thought and the eloquence of speech.

He signifies someone who might be a lawyer, judge, or any profession where truth, ethics, and analytical skills are paramount. His character stands for fairness and impartiality. When you come across the King of Swords in a reading, you are being reminded of the value of clear, objective thinking.

However, with his keen intellect, there’s also a risk of him becoming emotionally detached. He can sometimes come off as cold or unsympathetic, preferring to base decisions on facts rather than emotional appeals. Yet, his intentions are always towards justice and truth.

Upright King of Swords as Feelings:

In the upright position, the King of Swords signals a mind-driven approach to emotions and relationships. When one feels like the King of Swords, there’s a clear-minded understanding of one’s emotions, stemming from a place of intellectual insight rather than raw sentiment. Such feelings are often devoid of melodrama, instead being precise, articulate, and well-considered.

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If someone is expressing feelings in line with the King of Swords toward you, they value honesty and directness in communication. They might admire your intellectual capabilities and respect your opinion on a cerebral level. It’s not the passionate, all-consuming kind of love that sweeps you off your feet; rather, it’s a love that is built on mutual admiration, respect, and understanding. It’s the kind of affection where both parties can engage in stimulating conversations, debate perspectives, and still feel deeply connected.

For singles, drawing the King of Swords in a reading might indicate that a potential partner is impressed with your intellectual prowess and values your clarity of thought. This person appreciates cerebral connections and might be someone who enjoys intellectual pursuits.

In the context of ongoing relationships, feelings aligned with the King of Swords suggest stability built on mutual respect. It indicates open channels of communication where both partners appreciate and understand each other’s viewpoints, even if they don’t always agree. There’s a sense of maturity and sophistication in the relationship, where emotions are expressed rationally without undue drama.

As for past relationships or feelings about an ex, the King of Swords can suggest a retrospective clarity. The past is viewed through a lens of objective understanding, devoid of bitterness. It’s an acknowledgment of what was, without the weight of what could have been. This king’s energy in this context also hints at the possibility of clear and civil conversations with an ex, guided by logic and understanding rather than lingering sentiments.

Reversed King of Swords as Feelings:

The King of Swords reversed introduces a more complex layer to emotional understanding, suggesting distorted perceptions, manipulations, or even coldness. When feelings align with the reversed King of Swords, they can feel distant, calculated, or even harsh.

If someone is feeling this way about you, they may be holding back their true emotions, presenting a facade of detachment. They might employ tactical maneuvers in conversations, seeking to gain an upper hand or obscure their genuine sentiments. This could manifest as emotional aloofness, sharp criticisms, or calculated decisions that may not take your feelings into consideration.

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For singles, encountering the King of Swords reversed might suggest being drawn to, or attracting, individuals who are manipulative, overly critical, or emotionally distant. It’s a caution to be wary of smooth talkers or those who play mind games.

In existing relationships, feelings resonating with this reversed King can be challenging. They might indicate a phase where one or both partners are becoming overly critical, not truly listening to each other, or using intellect to dominate or control. Conversations could be littered with misunderstandings, and disagreements might turn into battles of wit rather than constructive discussions.

Regarding old flames or ex-partners, the reversed King of Swords hints at unresolved issues that might still linger. An ex might remember the relationship with a sense of bitterness, focusing on the logical reasons it didn’t work rather than any emotional bond that once was. There could be blame, finger-pointing, or cold indifference.

FAQs about the King of Swords

What does the King of Swords symbolize in Tarot?

The King of Swords symbolizes mental clarity, intellectual power, authority, and truth. He represents a person who relies on logic and intellect rather than emotions to make decisions.

Is the King of Swords a positive card in love readings?

It depends on the context. The King of Swords can indicate clear communication and understanding in a relationship. However, it can also imply emotional detachment or an overly analytical approach to matters of the heart.

What professions or roles does the King of Swords represent?

He might symbolize roles that require clear thinking, analytical skills, and objective judgment, such as lawyers, judges, advisors, or any leader who must make decisions based on logic and fairness.

Can the King of Swords represent a woman?

Yes, while Kings often represent male energy or a male figure, the King of Swords can symbolize a woman who embodies the qualities of intellectual authority, clarity, and decisiveness.

How does the King of Swords behave in conflict situations?

The King of Swords approaches conflicts with clear thinking and objectivity. He seeks the truth and relies on facts, logic, and reason to find solutions rather than getting swayed by emotions.

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Why is the sword double-edged in the King of Swords imagery?

The double-edged sword symbolizes balanced judgment, indicating that he considers both sides of an issue before making a decision. It also signifies the dual nature of truth and the precision of his thoughts.

Does the King of Swords have any negative traits?

While his intellectual prowess is commendable, the King of Swords can sometimes come off as emotionally detached or cold. He can be perceived as unsympathetic because he prioritizes objective reasoning over emotional considerations.

How should one channel the King of Swords energy in their life?

To channel the King of Swords, one should focus on improving their communication skills, thinking clearly, and making decisions based on logic and truth. It’s about being fair, just, and keeping emotions in check when they might cloud judgment.

How does the King of Swords compare to other kings in the Tarot deck?

While all kings symbolize authority and mastery, the King of Swords emphasizes intellectual and communicative authority, the King of Cups is about emotional balance, the King of Wands signifies creative leadership, and the King of Pentacles represents mastery over the material realm.

In a career reading, what does the King of Swords indicate?

In a career context, the King of Swords suggests a position of authority requiring clear thinking, analysis, and effective communication. It can also indicate that logical and objective decision-making will lead to success.


The King of Swords, whether upright or reversed, exemplifies the intricate dance between intellect and emotion within relationships. When upright, the King champions clear, honest communication, emotional intelligence, and an objective outlook. He values fairness and makes decisions grounded in rational thought, providing a stable foundation for love to flourish. However, when reversed, this monarch’s strengths can become his weaknesses.

The clarity of thought can give way to manipulative tactics, and emotional detachment can cast a chilly pallor over relationships. In love and relationships, the King of Swords serves as a reminder of the importance of balance: the equilibrium between mind and heart, logic and emotion. By recognizing and embracing the teachings of this King, one can strive for relationships rooted in mutual respect, understanding, and genuine emotional connection.