Justice Tarot Yes or No | Reversed | Love

Justice Tarot Yes or No | Reversed | Love

Justice Tarot Yes or No | Reversed | Love

The Justice tarot card is often seen as a symbol of fairness, balance, and decency. When it appears in a reading, it can indicate that important decisions or judgments are looming shortly. But how can you determine if a particular situation will have a positive outcome? One way to do this is by using a Justice tarot, yes or no spread.

This article will explore what the Justice tarot card represents, how to perform a yes or no spread, and what the different positions in the spread can mean.

What Does the Justice Tarot Card Represent?

The Justice tarot card is usually numbered either VIII or XI, depending on the deck used. In addition, it is typically depicted as a woman or an angel, holding a scale in one hand and a sword in the other. This imagery represents the balance and impartiality that the card embodies.

The Justice card can indicate a need for fairness, balance, and impartial decision-making in a tarot reading. It can also suggest that a situation will be resolved just and appropriately.

Justice Tarot Yes or No Spread

The Justice tarot yes or no spread is a simple three-card layout that can provide a straightforward answer to a yes or no question. Shuffle your tarot deck and select three cards to perform this spread. Place the first card in the center position, the second to the left, and the third to the right.

The center card represents the overall energy surrounding the question. The left card provides insight into the past influences affecting the situation. In contrast, the right card offers a glimpse into the future and the potential outcome.

Here are some general guidelines for interpreting the three positions in the Justice tarot yes or no spread:

  • Center card:

    • Justice: This strongly indicates that the answer to the question is yes.
    • The Hanged Man: This card suggests that a waiting period may be necessary before a resolution can be reached.
    • The Tower: This card often represents upheaval and unexpected change. It may indicate that the answer to the question is no.
  • Left card:

    • The High Priestess: This card suggests that intuition and inner knowledge may be essential factors in the situation.
    • The Fool: This card may indicate that a risk or leap of faith may be necessary.
    • The Devil: This card can suggest that negative influences or temptations are affecting the situation.
  • Right card:

    • The World: This card is a positive sign, indicating that success and completion are likely.
    • Death: This card can represent transformation and change but can also be seen as a negative omen.
    • The Moon: This card can indicate that confusion, uncertainty, or emotional upheaval may be present.
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Is Justice Tarot a Yes Or No Card?

The Justice Tarot card is a sign that says, “it’s up to you.” However, there isn’t an exact ‘yes’ or “no” answer that Justice can give. Because Justice generally embodies a strong feeling of karma and dealing with the result of your actions. The nature of the tarot card dramatically depends on the circumstances. Although the characteristics of this card suggest that it is not, it is not a clear answer. Justice Tarot card can’t give an exact ‘yes’ or “no” response.

Like all other situations, there’s no single, clear answer when deciding. But, if the Justice card is revealed when you read your tarot in a straight position, it’s time to look inwards and pay attention to what your inner voice is trying to tell you.

Justice means that if you take action with the best intentions, the result will be the most beneficial for you and your surrounding environment.

Justice Reversed: Yes Or No?

Justice, in reverse, is inclined strongly towards a negative answer to your query. Since Justice in reverse typically evokes an intense feeling of inequity and dishonest actions, you must be alert when moving forward. Be sure to have an understanding of the situation before making any decisions.

The Justice Tarot card that is reversed position is usually interpreted as a signal that issues aren’t being handled correctly. For example, it could indicate that one cannot accept the consequences of one’s actions due to confidence or insecurity. Instead, Justice reversed encourages you to be accountable and accept accountability when you know you’ve committed a mistake.

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Reversed Justice could suggest that someone around you may not follow the right intentions. Keep an eye on the situation and trust your instincts when it says there is something wrong in a particular situation.

Justice Tarot Card: An In-Depth Look at Understanding its Upright and reversed meanings

The Justice Tarot represents fairness as well as balance and truth. It’s often seen as a signal to make an important decision or have consequences for actions. 

The Upright Justice Tarot Card

If the Justice Tarot card is standing upright, it’s an indication of fairness and balance. The Justice card is often a symbol of the necessity of an objective, rational approach to the ability to make decisions. It indicates that a particular scenario requires an equal and objective approach and finding harmony and balance.

In the realm of love in love, the upright Justice card could indicate the commitment to fairness and equality in the relationship. However, it could also indicate that a decision must be taken regarding how the couple will continue to grow.

The Reversed Justice Tarot Card

Suppose the Justice Tarot card appears in reversed positions. In that case, this could indicate an imbalance in power or an absence of fairness. It may suggest the unfairness of a situation or that someone is unfairly treated. That reversed Justice card may also signal a lack of responsibility, accountability, and an inability to accept the consequences.

In relationships with love, the reversed Justice card may suggest a lack of equilibrium and fairness. For example, it could indicate that one party has a monopoly on one other or that there is a disparity in the distribution of power within the relationship.

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The Justice Tarot Card in Love

The Justice Tarot cards are a potent symbol of the balance and fairness of relationships with love. Suppose it is seen during a reading of love. In that case, both partners must engage in the relationship with a sincere and open approach. It may indicate that a decision has to be taken regarding how the partnership will develop, and the decision needs to be taken impartially and fairly.

It is crucial to keep in mind that the Justice Tarot card cannot necessarily indicate the outcomes of a relationship. Instead, it serves as a guideline for making an informed choice.


The Justice Tarot represents fairness, balance, and honesty. It can be seen in an upright or reversed posture. It can provide helpful insight into the situation and the choices. For example, in romantic relationships, The Justice card may suggest a need for equilibrium and fairness. It suggests that important decisions should be taken fairly. The Justice tarot yes or no spread is a quick and easy way to gain insight into important decisions. By interpreting the three positions in the spread, you can understand the factors affecting your situation and the potential outcome. Remember to keep an open mind and allow the tarot to guide you rather than simply relying on a yes or no answer. With practice and intuition, you can learn to trust the tarot’s messages and make informed decisions that align with your highest good.