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Just Like Heaven guitar chords

Just Like Heaven Guitar Chords

Just Like Heaven is a song by English rock band The Cure, released as a single from their 1987 album Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me. Written by singer Robert Smith and bassist Simon Gallup, the song is a romantic love song about a person‘s longing for the return of a lost love.
The song is considered one of The Cure‘s signature songs and has been praised by critics. The song‘s music video was directed by Tim Pope and received heavy rotation on MTV due to its surrealistic imagery. The song was released as a single in the US in October 1987 and peaked at number 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the UK, it peaked at number 33.
Musically,Just Like Heaven is a midtempo pop rock song built on a jangling guitar hook and a drum track. Smith‘s lyrics describe a man‘s longing for the return of a lost love while the chorus features the line,Show me, show me, show me how you do that trick, the one that makes me scream“.

Just Like Heaven Chords

Verse 1
[A]Show me how you [E]do that trick
The [Bm]one that makes m[D]e scream” she said
“The [A]one that makes me [E]laugh” she said
And [Bm]threw her arms[D] around my neck
[A]Show me how you [E]do it
And I [Bm]promise you [D]I promise that
I’ll run aw[A]ay with you [E]
I’ll run a[Bm]way with you” [D]
[A] [E] [Bm] [D] [(2x)]
Verse 2
[A]Spinning on that [E]dizzy edge
I [Bm]kissed her face an[D]d kissed her head
And [A]dreamed of all the d[E]ifferent ways I [Bm]had
To make her [D]glow
[A]“Why are you so [E]far away?” she s[Bm]aid
“Why won’t you [D]ever
know that I’m in [A]love with you[E]
That I’m in [Bm]love with you[D]
[G]Soft and only
[G]Lost and lonely
[G]Strange as angels
[D]Dancing in the deepest oceans
Twisting in the water
You’re just like a dream
[A] [E] [Bm] [D] [(2x)]
Verse 3
[A]Daylight licked me [E]into shape
I [Bm]must have been [D]asleep for days
And [A]moving lips to [E]breathe her name
I [Bm]opened up m[D]y eyes
And [A]found myself a[E]lone alone
A[Bm]lone above [D]a raging sea
That [A]stole the only [E]girl I loved
And [Bm]drowned her deep [D]inside of me
[G]Soft and only
[G]Lost and lonely
[G]Just like heaven [D]
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