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In Christ Alone Guitar Chords & Lyrics

In Christ Alone Guitar Chords & Lyrics : In this article, we will show you how to play In Christ Alone Guitar Chords, the chords of the song are for beginner and intermediate guitar players and anyone can play these simple and easy guitar chords.

In Christ Alone Guitar Chords & Lyrics

“In Christ Alone” is a modern Christian hymn that has become a beloved and enduring anthem of faith for believers around the world. Written by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend, the song was first released in 2001 and has since become a fixture in worship services and Christian gatherings across denominations.

In Christ Alone Guitar Chords

Verse 1
In [G]Christ a[D]lone my [G]hope is f[A]ound,
[D/F#]He is my l[G]ight, my str[A]ength, my s[D]ong;
This [G]Corner[D]stone, this [G]solid Gr[A]ound,
[D/F#]Firm through the fi[G]ercest dr[A]ought and s[D]torm.
What [D/F#]heights of l[G]ove, what [D/F#]depths of p[A]eace,
When [D/F#]fears are s[G]tilled, when s[D/F#]trivings c[A]ease!
My [G]Comfor[D]ter, my [G]All in [A]All,
[D/F#]Here in the l[G]ove of Ch[A]rist I st[D]and.
Verse 2
In [G]Christ a[D]lone! Who t[G]ook on f[A]lesh
[D/F#]Fullness of [G]God in[A] helpless[D] babe!
This [G]gift of l[D]ove and r[G]ighteous[A]ness
[D/F#]Scorned by the [G]ones he c[A]ame to s[D]ave:
Till [D/F#]on that c[G]ross as [D/F#]Jesus d[A]ied,
The [D/F#]wrath of G[G]od was [D/F#]satisf[A]ied
For [G]every [D]sin on [G]Him was l[A]aid;
[D/F#]Here in the [G]death of Ch[A]rist I l[D]ive.
Verse 3
There [G]in the gr[D]ound His [G]body l[A]ay
[D/F#]Light of the [G]world by da[A]rkness sl[D]ain:
Then b[G]ursting f[D]orth in g[G]lorious D[A]ay
[D/F#]Up from the [G]grave he r[A]ose ag[D]ain!
And [D/F#]as He s[G]tands in[D/F#] victor[A]y
Sin’s [D/F#]curse has l[G]ost its [D/F#]grip on m[A]e,
For [G]I am H[D]is and [G]He is m[A]ine
[D/F#]Bought with the p[G]recious b[A]lood of Ch[D]rist.
Verse 4
No [G]guilt in l[D]ife, no f[G]ear in de[A]ath,
[D/F#]This is the p[G]ower of Ch[A]rist in [D]me;
From [G]life’s first c[D]ry to f[G]inal br[A]eath.
[D/F#]Jesus c[G]ommands my d[A]estin[D]y.
No [D/F#]power of h[G]ell, no [D/F#]scheme of m[A]an,
Can [D/F#]ever pl[G]uck me f[D/F#]rom His h[A]and;
Till [G]He retu[D]rns or c[G]alls me h[A]ome,
[D/F#]Here in the p[G]ower of Ch[A]rist I’ll s[D]tand.

In Christ Alone Lyrics

In Christ alone my hope is foundHe is my light, my strength, my songThis cornerstone, this solid groundFirm through the fiercest drought and stormWhat heights of love, what depths of peaceWhen fears are stilled, when strivings ceaseMy comforter, my all in allHere in the love of Christ I stand
In Christ alone who took on fleshFullness of God in helpless babeThis gift of love and righteousnessScorned by the ones He came to saveTill on that cross as Jesus diedThe wrath of God was satisfiedFor every sin on Him was laidHere in the death of Christ I live
There in the ground His body layLight of the world by darkness slainThen bursting forth in glorious dayUp from the grave He rose againAnd as He stands in victorySin’s curse has lost its grip on meFor I am His and He is mineBought with the precious blood of Christ
No guilt in life, no fear in deathThis is the power of Christ in meFrom life’s first cry to final breathJesus commands my destinyNo power of hell, no scheme of manCan ever pluck me from His handTill He returns or calls me homeHere in the power of Christ I’ll stand

About In Christ Alone Song

The song’s lyrics are a powerful declaration of faith in Jesus Christ as the cornerstone of salvation and the source of hope and strength in times of trial. Lines like “In Christ alone my hope is found / He is my light, my strength, my song” and “No guilt in life, no fear in death / This is the power of Christ in me” capture the profound depth of faith and trust in God that is at the heart of the Christian message.

Musically, “In Christ Alone” is a stirring and majestic hymn that combines a simple yet powerful melody with rich and evocative harmonies. The song’s use of traditional hymn structure and language gives it a timeless quality, while its contemporary instrumentation and arrangement bring it into the modern era.

Despite its relatively recent origins, “In Christ Alone” has become one of the most beloved and enduring hymns in the Christian tradition. Its powerful message of faith and hope has touched countless believers over the years, making it a testament to the enduring power of Christian music to inspire, comfort, and uplift.


In conclusion, “In Christ Alone” is a stirring and powerful hymn that has become a beloved and enduring anthem of faith for believers around the world. Its timeless message of trust and hope in Jesus Christ has resonated with generations of Christians, making it a true classic of the Christian songbook. Whether you’re a regular churchgoer or just looking for a beautiful and inspiring hymn to add to your playlist, “In Christ Alone” is a must-listen that is sure to move and inspire you