How Old Is Luisa From Encanto?

How Old Is Luisa From Encanto?

How Old Is Luisa From Encanto?

Luisa is 19 years old in Encanto. If you’re a fan of the hit television show Encanto, you’re probably wondering how old Luisa is. After all, how can one of the most adorable characters in all of TV be so old? To find out, keep reading. Luisa is a character in the Disney movie “Encanto,” which was released in November 2021. In the movie, Luisa is the second-oldest daughter of the Madrigal family, who all have magical powers except for her. However, she is portrayed as kind and compassionate and tries to use her non-magical abilities to help her family understand their struggles.

Luisa is a character from the Disney animated musical film, Encanto. The film follows the Madrigal family, who are all blessed with special powers except for the main character, Mirabel. Luisa is Mirabel’s older sister and one of the Madrigal siblings.

So, how old is Luisa from Encanto? Unfortunately, the film does not give an exact age for the character. However, based on the film’s plot and the age of the voice actress who portrays her, we can make an educated guess.

In Encanto, Luisa is shown to be a young adult, likely in her mid-20s. She is the second oldest of the Madrigal siblings and appears to be responsible and mature. This is supported by the fact that she is shown to have a job and takes care of her younger siblings.

The voice actress for Luisa, Ana Villafañe, is 31 years old. While this does not give us an exact age for the character, it does suggest that Luisa is likely in her late 20s or early 30s.

Overall, it is difficult to determine an exact age for Luisa from Encanto. However, based on the film’s plot and the age of the voice actress, we can assume that she is a young adult in her late 20s or early 30s. Regardless of her age, Luisa is a strong and loving sister who plays a important role in the Madrigal family.

Who is older Isabela or Luisa?

Born into the Madrigal family, Isabela is the eldest daughter of Julieta and Agustín and the older sister of Luisa and Mirabel. In addition to being the niece of Félix, Pepa, and Bruno, Isabela is also the cousin of Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio.

Alma Madrigal

Alma is the matriarch of the Madrigal family. She is the grandmother of three daughters and one son. Her eldest daughter, Julieta, is a healer.

Alma is also the mother of Isabela and Luisa. She is worried about her family’s reputation. As a result, she holds back her magic too much.

The Madrigal family is magical. Every child born into La Casa Madrigal has magical powers. Alma inherited her powers from her late husband, Pedro.

In Encanto, there is no villain. But there is an unknowable threat. Several of the characters are very powerful, so it is impossible to know what will happen.

Alma is the matriarch of the family, but she doesn’t play a very big role in the film. When she first appeared, she was a very young girl. Now, she is in her sixties.

Alma has the ability to communicate with Casita, the house of her deceased husband. This helps her when she is troubled by a vision she has of her son.

She is responsible for caring for the candle that blessed the Madrigals with their magic gifts. However, the candle is broken when she loses track of her family. So, when she reunites with them after a decade, she’s excited.

Alma focuses on her children and grandchildren, despite her love for her late husband. However, she can’t help but be concerned about the state of her home.

At the same time, she is concerned about the lack of magic in the town. Although she doesn’t say it outright, she blames her granddaughter Mirabel for the negativity in the family. After all, the gift ceremony that Alma and her daughters participated in didn’t go very well.


Dolores, pronounced do-la-rees, is a character in Disney’s Encanto movie. She is a young woman who suffers from enhanced hearing. Her powers cause her to hear sounds from miles away. This can be annoying when she is in a noisy environment.

Dolores’ powers also mean she must keep secrets from other people. However, she is not always the worst of the bunch. In fact, she has been shown to be quite protective of her family and loved ones.

Although Dolores does not share a close bond with her older cousin Isabela, she does not hate her. Instead, she and Isabela have a complicated relationship. They share a deep love for Mariano.

While Isabela has not yet revealed her feelings to her sister, Dolores has confessed to Mariano. As a result, Isabela and Dolores share a symbiotic relationship. And while Dolores loves Mariano, she also wants to protect Isabela.

While Dolores can hear loud noises, she often covers her ears. When someone gives her a large applause, she claps her fingers. At first, this is embarrassing, but eventually, she starts to enjoy the applause.

However, there are times when Dolores gets a little too excited. For example, during the gift ceremony, she gets excited when Antonio rides a jaguar. She also becomes excited when Mariano gets a gift.

The film features some amazing music. Dolores and Camilo Madrigal get along well. Their friendship is evident when they look each other in the eye when Antonio receives his gift.

The film features an amazing cast, featuring Dolores’ eldest cousin Isabela, her younger brother Camilo, and Isabela’s friend Agustin. It also features superb animation work from Pixar Studios. The film is an international phenomenon.

CamiloHow Old Is Luisa From Encanto?

Camilo is a 15-year-old boy from Colombia. He belongs to a magical family, and he has the ability to shape-shift. His shape-shifting abilities are mainly used to play pranks on people. But he also has an edgy side.

At first, Camilo was called Carlos. The name is a pun on a chameleon. As a teenager, he hid his fears with a cheerful demeanor. First, however, he had to deal with his insecurities.

Camilo enjoys playing sports. He also enjoys acting and dancing. Aside from his love for his family, he also enjoys his own spotlight. This makes him the best entertainer among his peers.

He has a good sense of humor and loves to joke. When he has to deal with his insecurities, he relies on his pranks to get rid of them.

However, he is not a natural-born entertainer. In fact, he is a bit shy when he is around strangers. He also has stage fright.

At times, he is a goofball, and he enjoys playing pranks on his relatives. However, he also has a sweet side. He is very loving towards his brother Antonio; even though he is losing his powers, he still looks after him.

As for his appearance, he has a slender build and a light golden-brown complexion. On top of that, he has curly dark, auburn hair and freckles across his nose and cheeks.

One of his earliest appearances was when he was heading to the village. Then, when he was five years old, his uncle Bruno disappeared. Since then, he has had no memory of his uncle.

Camilo’s father is Pepa. She is married to Felix and has three other children. Luisa, Julieta, and Antonio are the other Madrigal children.

Luisa’s Relationship with Isabela

Isabela and Luisa’s relationship is a big part of Disney’s 2021 animated feature Encanto. The film is set in the Colombian countryside and features magical characters. Both sisters are referred to as “the golden child” and are depicted as graceful and feminine.

They are shown together as a family in the movie and pose in a picture. When they are children, they both make flower crowns for each other. Their mother, Julieta, and father, Agustin, love them. They all have superhuman abilities. One of the daughters, Isabela, is particularly talented in gardening. She grows flowers and cacti and is knowledgeable about all types of plants.

Despite her beauty, Isabella struggles with the expectations of her family. She admits that she has always had to keep up with the perfect image, and it has affected her. Eventually, she begins to feel free, but she still tries to meet her own expectations of perfection.

Isabela and Luisa’s relationship evolves over time. Isabela makes a flower crown for her younger sister, and the two become more close. However, when Mirabel tells Isabela that she has a black sheep, Isabela becomes angry. Initially, she blames her sister for revealing a prophecy that has gone unnoticed. But then, when Mirabel says that she must hug Isabela to save her family’s miracle, Isabela becomes annoyed.

As their relationship grows, they work to improve their family’s house. Then, when the house falls down, they work together to fix it. During this time, the whole town pitches in to help. It turns out that a magical charm protects the house.

However, they both have a rivalry. While Isabela has a powerful ability to heal and grow plants, Luisa does not have those powers.

Luisa’s Taste for Cute Things

Luisa is the middle daughter of Julieta and Agustin. She is an accomplished bodybuilder. In addition, she has a keen taste for cute things.

She is the heaviest member of her family. Her older brother, Mariano, has a crush on her. But, despite his affection, she has no desire to date him.

She is a tall girl with brown hair tied into a bun with a red ribbon. In fact, her earrings are the same color as Julieta’s.

She has tan skin and a muscular build. When she was young, she lived with Dolores and Isabela in their nursery. But when Camilo was born, she moved to her own room.

Although she is still a naive child, she has a good relationship with her sister Isabela. She makes her own flower crown at the fifth birthday party for her little sister.

Luisa is also a strong-willed young woman. Her love for her family is evident. This is especially true when she finds out that her uncle Bruno has a secret behind the rubble.

She takes charge of the family’s chores. For instance, she is the one who takes care of the donkeys. And she is also the one who takes care of the community.

Luisa has a strong sense of humor. However, she keeps her struggles a secret and does not like being the center of attention. Luckily, she has a supportive husband.

However, Luisa’s super strength has a downside. She is prone to crying when she loses her power. The good news is that her powers can be restored. It is just a matter of time.

Luisa is also the one who created My Way of Eating.


How old was each Encanto character?

15 years old Camilo 19 years old is Luisa. 50 years old is Pepa. Alma’s grandmother is 75 years old.

Who is older Camilo or Mirabel?

According to Screenrant, Camilo is just a few months older than his cousin Mirabel and is thought to be around 15 years old. He is, thus, the middle child of his immediate family and is known to Disney fans as an unofficial “theatre kid.”

Who is older Mirabel or Luisa?

In Disney’s animated feature Encanto, which is set for release in 2021, Luisa Madrigal has a supporting role. She is Mirabel’s older sister and Isabela’s younger sister, the middle child of Julieta and Agustin Madrigal.

Is Bruno 7 feet tall Encanto?

Here’s an answer to a question I’ve been asked A LOT — “how tall is Mirabel?,” the director Jared Bush wrote in a tweet. All other characters’ heights are relative to hers, thus the official answer is 5’2″—aside from Bruno, who, as you may know, has a 7-foot frame with rats running down his back.

Will there be an Encanto 2?

Disney has not acknowledged any progress on Encanto 2 as of the time of writing, and no known spinoffs are in the works. Fans who want a sequel, nevertheless, shouldn’t give up hope. Six years after the first film, Frozen’s sequel was released, thus there is plenty of time for an Encanto sequel to appear.