Highway To Hell Chords Easy

highway to hell guitar chords

Highway To Hell Chords

“Highway to Hell” is a song by Australian rock band AC/DC. It is the opening track of their 1979 album Highway to Hell and was released as a single in 1979. The song was written by Angus Young, Malcolm Young, and Bon Scott. The song is about a man who is on a highway to hell, literally and figuratively. The man is heading down a path of self-destruction and is in danger of going to hell. The song is a warning to others to beware of this path. The song is one of AC/DC’s most popular and well-known songs. It is often played at sporting events and is a staple of rock radio.

Capo on 1st fret


[G] [G] [G] [C] [C/E] [F] [C] [C/E] [F]
Livin’ easy, livin’ free,
[C] [C/E] S[F]eason ti[C/E]cket on[G] a[G] one way ride
[G] [G] [G] Askin’ noth[C]in[C/E], [F] leave me be[C]. [C/E] [F]
[C] [C/E] Tak[F]in’ ev[C/E]‘rythi[G]n’[G] in my stride.
[G] [G] [G] [C] [C/E] [F] [C] [C/E] [F]
Don’t need reason, don’t need rhyme,
[C] [C/E] A[F]in’t not[C/E]hin’ I’[G]d [G]rather do.
[G] [G] [G] goin’ down,[C] p[C/E]arty[F] time. [C] [C/E] [F]
[C] [C/E] my [F]friend[C/E]s are gonn[D]a be there too.


I’m on the [G]high[G]way [G]to [C/G]hell [F]
[C/E]on the [G] hig[G]hway[G] to[C/G] hell [F]
[C/E] [G] Hig[G]hway[G] to[C/G] hell [F]
I’m [C/E]on the[G] hig[G]hway[G] to[C/G] hell


[G] [G] [G] [C] [C/E] [F] [C] [C/E] [F]
no stop signs, speed limit,
[C] [C/E] no[F]body’s g[C/E]onna sl[G]ow[G] me down.
[G] [G] [G]like a wheel[C], [C/E]gonn[F]a spin it. [C] [C/E] [F]
[C] [C/E]nobo[F]dy’s g[C/E]onna m[G]es[G]s me around.
[G] [G] [G] [C] [C/E] [F] [C] [C/E] [F]
Hey, satan, pay’n’ my dues,
[C] [C/E] pl[F]ayin’ in[C/E] a rock[G]in[G]‘ band.
[G] [G] [G]hey, mama[C], [C/E]look[F] at me. [C] [C/E] [F]
[C] [C/E]I’m [F]on my [C/E]way to th[D]e promised land.


I’m on the [G]high[G]way [G]to [C/G]hell [F]
[C/E] [G] Hig[G]hway[G] to[C/G] hell [F]
I’m [C/E]on the[G] hig[G]hway[G] to[C/G] hell [F]
[C/E] [G] Hig[G]hway[G] to[C/G] hell