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happy birthday guitar tabs

Happy Birthday Guitar Tabs

“Happy Birthday” is a popular song that is often sung to celebrate someone’s birthday.

The melody of the song is simple ple and easy to remember, making it a popular choice for singing at birthday celebrations. The song is usually accompanied by a simple chord progression played on the guitar or piano.

Tuning: Standard


Happy Birthday Guitar Chords

Happy [G] birthday to [D] you
Happy birthday to [G] you
Happy [G] birthday Happy [C] birthday
Happy [G] birthday [D] to [G] you

How To Play Happy Birthday Guitar Tabs?

“Happy Birthday” is a simple song that can be played on the guitar using just a few basic chords. Here’s a chord progression you can use to play the song:

G: 320033 C: x32010 D: xx0232

To play the song, strum each chord once as you go through the progression, then repeat the progression until you get to the end of the song. Here’s how the progression goes:

Verse: G C G D G C G D G C G G

Chorus: C G C G C D G

You can also add an additional verse and chorus to the song by repeating the same chord progression.

To play the chords, place your fingers on the indicated strings and frets, then strum the strings with a pick or your fingers. Make sure to use proper finger placement and hand position to play the chords cleanly and accurately.

Here’s a simple strumming pattern you can use to play the song:

D D U D U (D = down strum, U = up strum)

You can also experiment with different strumming patterns and chord voicings to add your own personal touch to the song.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.