Goodbye Guitar Chords by Apparat – Dark (Netflix)


Goodbye Guitar Chords by Apparat – Dark

Here are the Guitar Chords of the Goodbye from the series Dark

Original Key – C#m
Chords used –  C#m, Amaj7, B, E 
Tempo – 88
Original Artist – Apparat
Series – Dark (Netflix)


(C#m) Please put me to bed
(C#m) And turn down the light

Verse 2

(C#m) Fold down your hands
(B) Give me a sign
(Amaj7) Hooked on your lies

Verse 3

(C#m) Lay down next to me
(B) Don’t listen when I scream
(Amaj7) Bury your doubts and fall asleep
(E) Find (Amaj7) out (Amaj7)
I was just a (B) bad (C#m) dream (B) (Amaj7) (Amaj7)

Verse 4

(C#m) Let the bed (B) sheet
(A) Soak up my (Amaj7) tears
(C#m) And watch the only (B) way out
(Amaj7) Disappear
(C#m) Don’t tell me why
(B) Kiss me good(Amaj7)bye

Outro Vox

For neither (C#m) ever, nor (B) never
(Amaj7) Goodbye
Neither (C#m) ever, nor (B) never
(Amaj7) Goodbye

Neither (C#m) ever, nor (B) never
(Amaj7) Goodbye
(Amaj7) Good(C#m)bye (B) (Amaj7) 

Outro instrumental –

(C#m) (B) (Amaj7)
(C#m) (B) (Amaj7) (Amaj7)
(C#m) (B) Amaj7) (Amaj7)

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