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Creep Daniela Andrade chords
Creep Guitar Chords by Daniela Andrade

Capo on : 3rd Fret
Strumming Pattern : D D U U UDUDU
Key : A 
BPM : 76 

[Verse 1]

When you were here be(G)fore
Couldn't look you in the (B) eyes
You look like an (C) angel

Your skin makes (Cm) me cry

You float like a (G) feather

In a beautiful (B) world

I wish I was (C) special

You're so very (Cm) special
But I'm a (G) creep, I'm a (B) weirdo

What the hell am I doing (C) here?

I don't be(Cm)long here
[Verse 2]
I don't care if it (G) hurts
I wanna have con(B)trol
I want a perfect (C) body

I want a perfect (Cm) soul

I want you to (G) notice

When I'm not (B) around

You're so very (C) special

I wish I was (Cm) special

(G) Oh she's running (B) away

(C) Oh she's ru(Cm)nning

(G) Oh she's ru(B)nning

(C) Oh she's ru(Cm)nning  


Whatever makes you (G) happy

Whatever you (B) want

You're so very (C) special

I wish I was (Cm) special

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