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Apologize Guitar Chords

Apologize Guitar Chords: In this article, we will show you how to play Apologize Chords, the chords of the song are for beginner and intermediate guitar players and anyone can play these simple and easy guitar chords.

Apologize Guitar Chords

Tone [Am]
Capo 3rd fret
I’m [Am]holding on your rope,
Got me [F]ten feet off the [C]ground [G]
I’m [Am]hearin what you say
But I [F]just can’t make a [C]sound [G]

You [Am]tell me that you need me
[F]Then you go and cut me [C]down, but [G]wait
You [Am]tell me that you’re sorry
[F]Didn’t think I’d turn [C]around, and [G]say.

It’s [Am]too late to apologize, [F]
It’s too [C]late [G]
I said it’s [Am]too late to apologize [F]
It’s too [C]late [G]

I’d [Am]take another chance, take a [F]fall
Take a shot for [C]you [G]
And I [Am]need you like a heart needs a [F]beat
But it’s nothin [C]new [G]

I [Am]loved you with a fire [F]red
Now it’s turning [C]blue, and you [G]say
[Am]”Sorry” like the angel [F]heaven let me think was [C]you
But [G]I’m afraid…

It’s too [Am]late to apologize, [F]
It’s too [C]late [G]
I said It’s too [Am]late to apologize, [F]
It’s too [C]late [G]

* I’m [Am]holdin on your rope, got me
[F]ten feet off the [C]ground…

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About Apologize Song

“Apologize” is a song by American rock band OneRepublic, released in 2006. The song was written by lead singer Ryan Tedder and quickly became a hit, reaching the top of the charts in several countries around the world.

The song’s lyrics describe the pain of a broken relationship and the desire to apologize and make things right. Tedder sings, “It’s too late to apologize, it’s too late,” emphasizing the sense of regret and hopelessness in the situation.

The music video for “Apologize” features the band performing the song in a dark and moody setting, with flashes of images showing a couple’s tumultuous relationship. The video has been praised for its simple yet powerful imagery, effectively capturing the emotion of the song.

“Apologize” has been covered by numerous artists, including Timbaland, who produced a remix of the song that features his own vocals. The song has also been used in several movies and TV shows, including the movie “Step Up 2: The Streets” and the TV show “Glee”.

The song’s powerful message of regret and longing has resonated with millions of listeners around the world. Its haunting melody and emotional lyrics have made it a favorite among fans of rock and pop music, while its universal appeal has made it a hit with music lovers of all ages.


Overall, “Apologize” is a powerful and emotional song that captures the pain of a broken relationship and the desire to make things right. Its haunting melody and emotional lyrics continue to resonate with listeners, making it a true classic in the world of music.