A Guide to Write an Essay Faster

    A Guide to Write an Essay Faster

    A Guide to Write an Essay Faster

    The volume, format, and structure of the essay are important. How to write an essay faster? We will talk about the nuances of writing an essay faster and getting advice from professionals.

    An essay is an essential stage of studying, one of the most challenging tasks. This is not a test, but it is also essential. And every mistake used the word, or single construction will affect the result of the essay.

    You can prepare for the successful writing of an essay on your own. But it is much more effective and better to work on this issue together with a writer from a fast essay writing service like https://essayshark.com. After all, it is a writer who knows all the subtleties and nuances of writing an essay. A paper will be able to teach you how to correctly and quickly complete this task.

    What is an essay?

    An essay is a short paper in which students reflect and express their opinion on a specific topic. It is important to show your point of view and convince the audience of it.

    Such an essay is written when passing the exam, when entering a university, and even while studying at a university. The essay aims to test how well students can express their thoughts and prove their points of view.

    What should be the length of an essay?

    In fact, all essays are written according to the same standard. Their average volume is 300-1000 words. You can only deviate from the standard within 10%. That is, if you wrote an essay of only 150 words or increased the volume to 1000 words, the work will not get a good grade. And you will get 0 points for it. Moreover, it will not even be checked. Therefore, try to keep within the specified volume and be attentive to the assignment’s requirements.

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    Essay structure

    To correctly write an essay, you need to correctly build the text. To do this, it is important to adhere to the structure:

    • introduction;
    • main part;

    In the introduction, you need to write a few introductory sentences. Describe the topic of the work and its relevance and put forward your thesis:

    “What is friendship? What is meant by this term? Broadly speaking, this is a close relationship between two or more people who get along well and feel good about each other. But here, it is important to remember that friends and acquaintances exist. And that’s not the same. Unfortunately, many people confuse these things.”

    For writing a good introduction, use the following phrases:

    • First/In the beginning/First of all
    • It’s about…
    • The question arises how/when/where/why/what…
    • It should be clarified that …
    • We must consider X —
    • I want to address the following points: …

    In the main part, it is necessary to disclose the thesis of the work. To do this, you need to give arguments and examples. Usually, this part of the work consists of several paragraphs. Each new thought is framed in a new paragraph:

    “In my opinion, a real friendship is a complete understanding when you get along well without saying anything. In the right friendship, that’s actually enough; you don’t need to have anything in common, although the friendship can only get better with it.

    I don’t think certain traits make a real friend. After all, none of us are perfect, and we cannot demand that of others. But a friend should always be helpful and understanding. That’s all you need.

    Fortunately, I can determine that I have many friends. Some of them are real ones too. We do a lot together: we go to the cinema, the theater, and the club, and we go on excursions and even long trips. We have a colorful life. Sometimes I sit with my friend in the park and talk to her about different things.”

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    To make your arguments look more organic and convincing, you can use the ready-made phrase and word templates:

    • “as for me.”
    • “I believe”
    • “in my opinion.”
    • “I consider that.”
    • “it seems to me that.”
    • “furthermore”
    • “what is more.”
    • “to begin with.”
    • “First”
    • “first of all.”
    • “besides”
    • “moreover.”

    In conclusion, it is necessary to summarize, briefly retell the main part and show that the thesis of the work has been proven:

    “In conclusion, I can say that everything in friendship depends on the two people. You must do everything possible to ensure the friendship lasts and that your friend feels good about it.”

    To write a reasonable conclusion, use the following introductory words:

    • To conclude/ summarize/sum up/
    • Overall
    • Taking all this into account.

    Essay writing tips

    When writing an essay, check out our tips:

    1. Do not deviate from the topic of work. An essay is a small work, so try to write strictly on the subject and without using unnecessary words and phrases.
    2. Fully expand the topic of the essay. After writing the main part of the essay, see if the topic of the work is covered. It is important to answer all the questions and tasks in the assignment.
    3. Don’t make mistakes in your work. If you don’t know if you used some expression correctly, it’s better to replace it with another one. The main rule when doing an essay is this: if you are unsure, do not write.

    Essays example

    View a sample of the essay:


    This is a topic that has been relevant for more than 100 years. Some people think that you don’t go to the cinema just to see films. Rather, one goes to the cinema to laugh and cry with two hundred people. It’s an interesting opinion! These people are probably sure that most people go to the cinema to spend time with others. They want to experience different emotions together, which happens much more in society.

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    As far as I am concerned, I do not agree with this point of view. In my opinion, films bring tremendous pleasure. I always watch new films with great interest. I’m sure the most convenient way to see the movies is to stay at home with friends. I watch movies very often; it helps me relax and relieve stress. The home atmosphere guarantees good free time after a hard day’s work. This has many advantages; for example, you can watch the movie at any time and pause the movie if necessary!

    But there is a counter-opinion. Some can visit the cinema anytime; it is the most popular way of spending time. Some are fortunate to live in a big city as they have a variety of cinemas and films to suit all tastes. Now you can visit the cinema at any time, even at night, because there are night performances. Cinema is especially popular with students because they are not supposed to pay full price for some films.

    In closing, I would like to emphasize the following. A film is the greatest art. Today we cannot imagine our life without them. Movies can evoke different feelings, broaden horizons and offer the opportunity to spend leisure time well. I think it doesn’t matter where you watch movies; the main thing is that it’s fun!


    An essay is not as scary as it seems at first glance. If you prepare well for it, writing it will be fine for you, regardless of the chosen topic. The more practice you have in your preparation, the better. We wish you success in writing your essay!