8 Best Professional Fashion Designing Software in 2023

8 Best Professional Fashion Designing Software in 2023

8 Best Professional Fashion Designing Software in 2023

Whether you are looking for a professional software program to design your own clothing line or you are an expert in this field and need a top-notch tool for your business, there are many options out there.

The best fashion design software helps streamline the process of designing garments and manage their production. These tools integrate drawing, vector graphics, CAD software and even ERP software to take a load off designers’ shoulders.

C-Design Fashion

C-Design Fashion is a CAD fashion design software that helps designers and manufacturers through the creation process. It creates tech packs (technical files) that contain materials information, measurement charts, color matching, labelling, and other details.

Featuring a wide variety of features, including fabric selection, pattern making, and concept design tools, this software is easy to use. It also provides advanced fit choices to ensure your designs work for a range of sizes and shapes.

For fashion and textile businesses, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is a popular choice for designing. The software is available for Windows and offers a variety of shape drawing, illustration, and layout options.

This software allows you to optimize your product development processes and manage all aspects of the design process, from design to production. The system includes a cloud-based PLM solution, enabling you to access your drawings at any time from any location.

The program is also efficient for creating prototypes, allowing you to make all of the changes that you need in a quick and accurate way. It is also a cloud-based system that will speed up the work and communication between designers and manufacturers.

Marvelous Designer

Marvelous Designer is a 3D clothing design tool that allows users to create virtual garments in the same way that real-world clothes are made. The software is used by creators in various industries, including video games and animation studios.

Marvelous Designer uses pattern-based design techniques to create clothes, which can save time and reduce the workload. It also offers a powerful cloth simulation engine that can be used to drape clothes onto models.

The latest version, Marvelous Designer 12, offers improved workflows and styleline editing. It also adds new retopology tools and improves the animation editor.

For example, you can now keyframe-edit simulation caches to retime or fix artefacts in simulations. Other improvements include a more flexible animation editor and new tools for adjusting garments in 3D.

In addition, Marvelous Designer 12 features a better retopology and a more intuitive sculpting workflow. The sculpting and retopo tools allow you to select topology points, snap patches to internal lines and shapes, and more.


If you’re looking for professional software that allows you to sculpt 3D models in a digital environment, ZBrush is a great option. It’s easy to use and can create incredibly detailed and complex models in a short amount of time.

ZBrush is also a powerful tool that can be used by both professionals and amateurs alike. It can be used for everything from character design to product development and game art.

The program is designed to be intuitive and focuses on bringing a traditional sculpting process into the 21st century. It features a number of tools that allow you to sculpt and paint your model with ease, which makes it a great choice for anyone who wants to learn how to sculpt in 3D.

The 2023 release of ZBrush includes several new tools and workflow enhancements. One of the most exciting is the integration of Redshift, which provides a world-class rendering solution to users. This feature gives artists the ability to render their models in real-time using HDRI images and the Best Preview Render system.

Digital Fashion Pro

Digital Fashion Pro is a great option for professional designers and those who are looking to start their own clothing line. This software includes training, hundreds of customizable garment templates, digital fabrics, vector artwork and more.

It also comes with business tools and manufacturing contacts to help you get started in the industry. In addition to that, it has a starter kit and a course for beginners to learn about the basics of fashion design.

The program is easy to use and provides high-definition illustrations. It also has an extensive community of creative users that you can work with.

Moreover, it has advanced design tools that aren’t available anywhere else. This is why many design students choose it as their first option for learning to use a vector graphics software.

It can help you create manufacturer-ready sketches that manufacturers love to see. This is important because it’s better for them to understand your vision so they can produce it with a higher level of quality.

EFI Optitex

EFI Optitex is a simulation software that offers an integrated 2D and 3D design solution that helps companies in the fashion and technical textile industry create accurate garments and designs. It has a unique focus on accuracy and fidelity, resulting in eye-catching 3D renderings.

Moreover, EFI Optitex has a wide range of features that help designers in transforming their designs into a reality. They can make changes and contrasts to their designs easily and quickly, saving time and money.

For instance, they can create virtual samples in multiple sizes and colorways. This ensures that they can get early feedback before physically preparing the prototype.

This will help them avoid costly photo shoots and save a lot of time. In addition, the software will also help them in creating consistent and adaptable 3D sample displays for product catalogues and design review meetings.

EFI Optitex was recently selected by fashion-enterprise London (FEL) to support its digital design courses and apprenticeships. The company is currently participating in a training and onboarding process to implement EFI Optitex 3D solutions into its workflows.


Browzwear is a pioneer of 3D digital solutions for the fashion industry, driving seamless processes from concept to commerce. For designers, it accelerates collection development, opening limitless opportunities for iterations. For technical designers and pattern makers, it rapidly fits graded garments to any body model with accurate, true-motion material replication.

The company’s VStitcher offers an industry-leading set of features that allows designers, technical professionals and pattern makers to create designs using size ranges, graphics, fabrics, trims, colorways, styling, and photorealistic 3D rendering. They can also take their designs to the next level with a true-motion fit, pattern modification, grading, tech pack, and more.

Another merchandising-friendly feature of VStitcher is its ability to watermark assets for comparison with physical clothing. This provides true-to-life recreations of physical garments that cut the need for sampling, which helps enterprises align production with demand while reducing environmental impacts.

The company’s newest update, v2022.1 Edition, is designed to further elevate the true-to-life representation of garments as adoption of 3D technology in the fashion industry continues to grow. It also includes a new hyper-realistic parametric avatar and supports file formats used in animation.


VStitcher is a powerful and integrated 3D apparel design solution that enables designers to create realistic garment prototypes in a matter of minutes. It combines size ranges, graphics, fabrics, trims, colorways and styling with photorealistic 3D rendering to create a true-to-life representation of the garment identical to its physical twin.

The software also comes with a comprehensive set of tools to modify any fitting and styling issues on virtual prototypes. This allows all stakeholders from designers to fitting specialists to be a part of the design process, resulting in faster workflow and a better product.

This software is especially useful for modifying embroidery and lace textures, which can be difficult to represent in 3D without breaking the quality of the image. This can be done easily using a tool called Substance by Adobe that integrates with VStitcher.

The company recently launched an updated version of its VStitcher platform with enhanced physics and fresh updates that speed up the creation of realistic visuals and improved 3D fabric digital twins. This will help companies reduce sample production and streamline processes, while also allowing them to work with more detailed fabrics.


Lotta is the latest 3D gizmo from Browzwear, a Singapore-based technology firm that designs and distributes software for the fashion industry. The product features a host of design and fabric imaging technologies, notably the Substance by Adobe integration that allows designers to visualize materials and print executions down to the finest details.

Using Lotta to its fullest, designers can create a photo-realistic image, powered by state-of-the-art raytrace rendering in seconds. What’s more, each team member downstream receives instant PLM-ready specifications, including materials, trims, workmanship and pattern prints in the form of a single file.

The software also boasts a number of other notable features, including the most streamlined workflow in its class. Among the most noteworthy is the v-Ray inspired cloud-based rendering which will save a designer a ton of time and headaches. The new capabilities are a great way to boost clothing detail, speed time to market and reduce sample production. Best of all, it won’t strain the pocketbook. Despite the price tag, Lotta is a worthwhile investment for any business looking to improve its bottom line with a few new tools in their design arsenal.