3 Card Tarot Spread | Past, Present, and Future

3 Card Tarot Spread | Past, Present, and Future

3 Card Tarot Spread | Past, Present, and Future

Tarot divinations have been used throughout history to gain insight and make decisions. This ancient method uses Tarot cards, each with distinct meanings and symbolism. They are laid out according to a particular design, also known as a spread. The reader’s role is to interpret the mix of meanings on the cards to offer direction and guidance for the person taking the reading.

A well-known spread is the three-card tarot spread. It comprises three cards placed in a linear arrangement to symbolize the past, present, and future. The spread summarizes the current circumstances and an overview of what has been the catalyst for their current situation and what’s likely to happen in the near future.

This piece aims to give an extensive guidelines on interpreting a three-card tarot spread to help readers better understand the present, past, and future.

Understanding the Past

The card that opens the spread of three cards depicts the past. This card offers insight into the past instances or experiences which have shaped an individual’s present situation.

Common meanings for past cards include the Tower representing sudden changes, disruption, and upheaval or the Ace of Cups, a symbol of new beginnings and emotional satisfaction. The cards will be based on the specifics of a person’s query or issue.

An understanding of past events is vital in interpreting the future and present. The past is the source of information for the present and determines the direction of the future. Therefore, it is essential to examine how the past has influenced the current circumstances and consider how it could continue to impact the future.

Analyzing the Present

The second card of the tarot spread of 3 cards is the one that represents the current moment. This card gives insights into the current situation as well as the influences which are affecting it.

The most common meanings of the cards in the current position include the Lovers symbolizing a strong bond or connection, and the Four of Swords, a symbol of relaxation and reflection. Like the previous card, interpretations depend on the particular issue or question.

Knowing the current is vital in interpreting the past and future. The present is the finalization of the past and the way to the future. Therefore, it is essential to consider how the present affects the future and how it is linked to past events.

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Planning for the Future

The third card of the tarot spread with three cards is the one that represents the future. This card offers insight into the possible consequences and influences that will influence the person’s life.

The common card meanings for the future are the World which represents the completion of a task, and the Ten of Swords, which symbolizes endings and the necessity for letting go. The card interpretation will be based on the specific person’s inquiry or issue.

Knowing the direction of future events is essential in interpreting the present and past. The future is determined by the past and present and is influenced by the actions and decisions of a person. Therefore, it is essential to consider the possible results and the ways they could be affected by the past and the present.

Putting it All Together

To understand the whole spread, it is essential to consider the mix of meanings of the cards and the ways they connect. For instance, if the previous card represents the Tower while the present image is of the Lovers and the next card represents the World, This could signify a troubled past that leads to a solid bond to the present. That will eventually lead to achievement soon.

To make the most of a spread reading of tarot, It is essential to be honest, and open to yourself and the reader. The cards will only offer direction and guidance only if they are considered within the context of the specific issue or question you have. In addition, it is crucial to be aware that the cards aren’t written in stone, and the future may change depending on your choices and decisions.

The three-card tarot spread can be an effective method for getting insights and making decisions. It summarizes the current situation and an understanding of what brought them to where they are today and what’s to come soon. By understanding what is happening in the present, past, and future, you will better grasp your personal life and make more informed choices.

Practical Example

To illustrate the method of a three-card tarot spread, let’s take a hypothetical scenario of a person called Sarah who is unsure about her path to success. She asks the reader to read a 3 card spread to help her understand her present, past, and future career opportunities.

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The tarot reader lays out the cards and then draws the following cards: – In the past, this card represents the Tower that, represents sudden shifts and disruptions. The present card is called the Wheel of Fortune, which symbolizes a shift in luck and a change in the circumstances. Finally, the card for the future is called that of the Nine of Cups, which symbolizes happiness and satisfaction.

Suppose the spread is interpreted, and the story is. In that case, the reader will tell Sarah that her life was filled with unanticipated shifts and changes in her career. However, her current situation is a transition period in her luck and the circumstances that could result in new opportunities. Therefore, her future is promising and content in the long run, as long as she continues to make the most of the opportunities.

Sarah can take this information and think about how to maximize the new opportunities available to her. She can also consider what she’s learned from previous changes to her career and make sure she’s well-prepared for any changes that may come in the future.

Additional Tips

When performing a three-card spread of tarot is vital to specify your concern or question. The more specific you can be with your question, your interpretation will become more accurate.

It is also essential to acknowledge the interpretations of your cards. The cards may have many meanings, and their interpretation may differ from what you’d like to hear. Take the advice that the cards give and be open to new possibilities.

Before reading, take a moment to clear your mind and focus on the issue or question. That will enable you to receive the most accurate reading.

It’s an excellent idea to record your thoughts, thoughts, and any questions during your reading. That will assist you in retaining the information you received and also be able to refer to it later.

Types Of 3 Card Tarot Spreads

Various tarot spreads use various numbers of cards, including those that use the Celtic crossing, Tetraktys spread, cross and triangle spreads, and many more. But the three-card tarot spread is the easiest and can offer clear insight into challenging situations. In addition, they can open the doorway to more in-depth discussions and can be used to understand larger spreads.

  • There are various kinds of spreads in the spread of 3 cards. There are a variety of spreads that include: General spread
  • Future spread
  • Understanding the spread of the past
  • The relationship spreads
  • Self-discovery spread
  • Decision-making spread
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The cards included in these spreads can provide insight into various aspects. As we mentioned earlier, the most popular general spread is that of the cards that represent the past, present, and future. However, the cards may represent your current situation, the obstacles you’re faced with, advice on how you can overtake them, and so on.

  • Here are some different ways the cards can be read: What are your goals and what’s stopping you, and how do you get over it?
  • You, your relationship, your partner
  • Mind, body, and spirit
  • What do you think about – how you feel – and then what you do
  • Strengths, weaknesses, and advice
  • State of mind – emotional state, spiritual state
  • What you are looking for from your relationship. What are they looking for from the relationship and the direction in which it is going?

The three-card tarot spread provides an easy method to gain a deeper understanding of your life and offer the clarity you’ve been looking for. It will assist you in finding answers to your life’s issues, such as relationships, your life choices, and much more, to help you discover the path to satisfaction and happiness.


In the end, the 3 Tarot cards are an excellent tool for gaining knowledge and making choices. By understanding the past, present, and future, you will gain an understanding of your personal life and make better choices.

We suggest that readers try three card tarot spreads to see the benefits they could bring. Be transparent and open with yourself and the reader, and keep in mind that your future could change based on your choices.

Suppose you’re interested in learning more about reading tarot cards. In that case, many sources are available, including books or classes and online tutorials. The process takes time and effort to get proficient at reading tarot cards. However, with perseverance and dedication, everyone can learn how to use this powerful tool to discover themselves and develop.